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4 Ways To Arrange Your Books

If you’re a book lover, you’re sure to have a lot of books at home. And by that, I mean, A LOT!! And the most difficult part is ways to arrange your books! Do you agree?

Why not? Books are great? But come Diwali, everything has to be cleaned and reorganized. If you are like me, you absolutely NEED to reorganize your bookshelf every single month just because. But if you are a bit more laid-back, you have to arrange them at least once a year before Diwali, when most people do their annual “spring cleaning.”

But how do you arrange your books? How do you ensure that the books are not stuffed into some random corner of the bookshelf (You can browse few bookshelves at Pepperfry!!)?

Let’s look at some ways to arrange your books and discuss their pros and cons. All methods are tried and tested.

1. Alphabetically

Arranging your books alphabetically is one of the most obvious and easiest ways to arrange your books. Especially useful if you are looking for a book in a hurry. You know exactly where you can find a book. You can alphabetize by author name or book name.


  • You can quickly find a book and also know where to place it after reading it.
  • Anyone else knows the layout and can easily access the books without your guidance.


  • It’s not unique – you can find this arrangement in any library.
  • It causes headaches when you have to add new books – you have to move tons of existing books to add a new one.


2. Genre-wise

If you read a lot of genres, arranging according to each genre might make sense to you. You can arrange your books in genres like:

  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Humour
  • Young adult
  • Self-help
  • Art and design
  • Comics

If you are a nerd (I like you!), you can arrange them into subcategories – supernatural young adult, romantic comedy, etc.


  • You can easily pick the genre you’re in the mood for.
  • Arranging it will be intuitive for you.


  • Many books fall into many categories. If you have different shelves for different genres, it might become difficult to arrange them properly.
  • Others might find it too confusing to find a book of their choice.
  • You will have to decide how to arrange the books within the genre.

3. Colour-wise

You must have seen many people arranging their books on their bookshelves according to colour. It makes your bookshelf look reeeeally nice. You can explore much within this category by arranging them in a gradient or even covering them with wrapping paper.


  • Looks beautiful in photos.
  • You can gain loads of followers on social media channels.


  • It is really very hard to find a book you’re looking for.
  • Can be very frustrating for you or others trying to place a book.
  • It sometimes evokes strong reactions on social media.


4. Chronologically

There are several ways to arrange your books chronologically:

  • Arranging them according to the published year.
  • Or Arranging them according to the era in the book.
  • Arranging them according to the time you bought the book.

This type of arrangement is more useful when you have many nonfiction books. Books on a particular war can go into one section and so on.


  • You can easily find a relevant book on a subject in one section.
  • It’s satisfying to slot a book into a timeline.
  • It is very unique.


  • Takes a lot of time.
  • You need to be very clear in timelines.
  • Some books have multiple timelines. In such cases, it can become very difficult to arrange them.
  • Friends and family will find it difficult to look for books if they are not familiar with timelines.

Whoa! How do you arrange your books? Or do you just stash them away wherever there’s place (like me)?

Share your bookshelf pictures with us!

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