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5 Travel Activities for Kids

5 travel Activities for Kids

Road trips are the best, don’t you think? The feeling of just packing your bags and going out to travel is exhilarating. Add to it the excitement of travelling by road, the happiness increases manifold. However, add kids to the mix and all you have is anxiety. You worry about the packing, the travel, the food, everything. You seem to have packed the whole house, yet feel like you have missed something important. What about activities for kids to do while travelling?

I always used to worry about what my kid would do during the trip. He is an overactive child, who believes that every waking moment spent quietly is a waste of that moment. He is constantly moving about. How, then, to occupy him with interesting travel activities during a road trip and make him sit in one place at least for a while? So, I stopped travelling after he was born due to this fear.

When eventually I had to go out, learnt (and unlearnt) some methods to keep him quiet on trips, maybe just enough for me not to lose my sanity.

5 Travel Activities for Kids

Here are some fun 5 travel activities for kids –

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1. Keep some toys only for outdoors

Children have loads of toys but you might have noticed that they do get bored of new toys within a day or two. So what I do is, I always keep a few toys in my kid’s bag, only to be used when outdoors. This keeps the novelty intact for them. When on a trip, you can introduce each toy one by one, so that the child remains happily occupied with them for a longer time. Remember, the surprise element keeps these activities more interesting!

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2. Crayons and coloring books are best travel activities for kids

T​hese two items have been my saviors in the last couple of trips. As with toys, I don’t give them to my child at home. I hand them over only when on a trip. They have become his absolute favorites. He spends his time happily scribbling while I get some much needed rest. These art activities are even easy to carry anywhere during your road trips and of course less messy!

3. ​Portable Lego kit can also be interesting travel activity

K​ids love playing with blocks and Lego sets, so in a way they are the perfect activities for your kids during travelling. But carrying blocks can be a nightmare for you, especially if you are travelling by public transport. Most likely, you will end up with the bus full of Lego pieces, a cranky child and irritated co-passengers. Here’s the solution – take a tin biscuit box, and stick the base of the blocks or Lego set to the lid. Stick a wide piece on the mouth of the box and put the small pieces behind it. Done. Your child will spend hours playing with it, no lost pieces! Win-win situation!

4. ​Keep their favourite food handy

​All children have a favourite food. It may be junk food but a favourite all the same. If your child becomes too cranky, offer it to them. It might not be the healthiest solution, but it will surely buy you some time to pull yourself together, while keeping your child happy. Console yourself that you are not offering chips to him daily, and once in a while is totally fine.

5. ​Sticky notes

S​ticky notes are a favourite with kids, though I am not sure why. Anything sticky, in fact, and it is a huge hit. Carry a bundle of sticky notes or a roll of cellotape and let them stick it on window panes, their body, the seat – basically anywhere they like. Many children even like sticking and unsticking a piece of tape on their hands over and over again. A marker to scribble on the sticky notes or designed cello tape are an added bonus!
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​Most importantly, do not expect children to behave in a certain way. They are children, exploring the world, in a way they understand. Do not ask them to live up to your expectations. Just let them be, and they might surprise you!

Have you got any stories about travelling with your kids? Please share them with us.

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