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6 Things Every Girl Should Do in 2021

Year 2020 is here! As usual, we are super-excited for the New Year because of the endless possibilities that it brings. It is a blank slate waiting for us to fill it in as per our wish. So here we are to help you fill up the slate with 6 things every girl should do in 2020!

A majority of people make resolutions in the new year and then give up on it within a few days. Sticking to a new thing you’re not used to doing is difficult, especially if it is something you don’t like to do, like exercising. That said, you have to persevere in any activity for at least 3 months before you start liking it and see results. Are you ready?

6 things we think every girl must do in 2021

Here are 6 things we think every girl must do in 2021.

1. Get your health check-up done regularly

We can’t stress how important this one is. Yet there are so many people, especially women, who put their health on the back burner. Family always comes first and with added responsibilities, many women simply ignore even the symptoms of diseases and visit a doctor only when it becomes unbearable or starts interfering with their daily life. Don’t do this, girls. Take care of yourself.

2. Take out some time for meditation in 2021

Trust us, meditating daily for 10 minutes works wonders for you. Taking out time of your busy schedule to to fit in meditation is the most difficult part. But do try to wake up just 10 minutes earlier than others and you can easily manage it. Otherwise, you can devote some time at night for it. You don’t need any fancy locations or clothes for it. Just sit in a quiet place and focus on your thoughts, that’s it.

3. Spend some time off the grid

Nowadays, social media has taken over our lives to such an extent that we get anxious if we are out of network coverage area. Detoxification is the key. Try to be present in the moment. Switch off your Wi-Fi and phone, if needed. But do try to remain offline at least for a little while each day.

4. Take up a new hobby

Hobbies are a way to keep yourself interested in life. Try something new this year. If you’re the adventurous type, try some daredevilry you haven’t tried before. If you are a timid type, try reading, painting, writing, drawing, stitching, embroidery, knitting – the options are limitless. Enroll your family into the hobby as well. You can really enjoy doing a new thing before you know it.

5. Start saving money

If you haven’t already, this year is as good a time as any. Even if you don’t have any personal income i.e. you are a homemaker, ask your husband to give you money every month so that you can save some. This money is yours and you can spend it any way you wish to.

6. Take care of your mental health

Mental health is something that most people don’t talk about. However, it is a fact that more women suffer from mental health issues than men. Usually, people who are depressed or going through some other mental problems are asked to buck up and start living normally again. However, it is not possible. Depression is very common in postpartum mothers and if not addressed, can cause severe repercussions. If you feel you are slipping into depression or getting angry for no reason, do see a psychiatrist.

Every girl should do these 6 things in 2021. They are easy and also very important so that you live a happy life. 

Have you made any resolutions this new year? Any travel bucket list? What are they? Do share them with us! 

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