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7 Bags Every Woman Should Own

Handbags are an accessory you’ll find almost every woman using. They are one of the most versatile and functional accessories you can find. A handbag holds everything right from our precious phones and credit cards to our lipsticks and make-up. So let’s make a list of bags every woman should own!

A bag can make or break an outfit. A handbag basically completes your entire look. There are a variety of handbags from the clutch to huge novelty bags. Each of them come in marvelous designs, shapes and colors. You can select one that fits your budget and can be paired with a majority of your dresses.

Here we list out the handbags every woman must possess so that you never go wrong whatever you wear. Add this to your shopping list and be ready to go out for any occasion!

7 Bags every woman should own

1. The Daily Handbag

daily hand bag

Also known as the tote bag, the daily handbag is an ubiquitous item in every womans accessory cupboard. It is specifically made for daily use, so it is tough and big enough to carry your house (just kidding!) But a daily handbag can fit your wallet, makeup, a set of clothes, a pair of shoes, your phone, tablets, books – basically anything comfortably! They usually have a number of compartments that you can   use to segregate your items.

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2. The Top Handle Bag

This bag is absolutely tiny and can hold almost next to nothing (except maybe, your cards). But it compensates by being the cutest. In fact, you can carry it off with any outfit and look elegant. It is simply irresistible, this bag.

3. The Cross Body Bag

cross body bag

If you are going to be on-the-move, the cross body bag is best for you. It keeps you handsfree to do your thing and can go for any kind of outing from grocery shopping to a stylish brunch. There are different types of straps available on the market. You can go for plain leather straps, or braided straps or even metal straps for a night out. These bags are not too big and can easily contain your phone and money and are super portable.

4. The Overnight Bag

An overnight bag is a slightly bigger handbag. It can contain a couple of sets of clothes plus shoes and overnight items. If things get overwhelming and you want a quick getaway, an overnight bag is the perfect option for you.

5. The Day Clutch

The day clutch is perfect for occasions you need to attend in the day. Your choice of outfit will be stylish and this bag will perfectly complement it. It is classy enough to carry to a wedding, yet casual enough for a lunch with your girlfriends. Definitely one of the bags every woman should own.

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6. The Party Bag

Think of the blingiest, cutest bag. That is the party bag. This is an accessory to every party. It is the cooler sister of the ordinary clutch. If you are more into corporate parties, a black number with a diamond studded clasp can work well. For informal parties, your imagination is the limit. These bags double up as phone holders at parties, very useful when you’re juggling with two glasses of drinks in your hands!

7. The Backpack

The backpack is the ultimate comfort bag every woman must own. It keeps you handsfree, and distributes weight evenly across your back and shoulders so that you don’t end up with shoulder pain at the end of the day. The best thing about backpacks is that you get them in a variety of sizes, so you can select one according to your needs.

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Do you have these bags? Have we missed something? Any other bags that you love? Tell us which bags you use!

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