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7 Marriage Vows To Keep You Going Life- Long

Marriages are made in heaven but feeling heaven post marriage while you put in years of effort is the real deciding point.

Years of getting to know each other leads to be the ‘taken for granted phase’.

Where romance withers off its glory, it is the mutual respect which keeps the real relation going.

While many head towards splitting up for the reconcilable reasons, here are 7 vows to stick by to keep your balanced cart on track!

1. To End All The Fights And Arguments Before We Close For The Night

No matter how small the argument was; we shall always have it resolved it each other’s arms by the end of the day.

Because, we love each other, right? And love conquers it all!

2. To Have ‘Our’ Special Time Carved Out Amidst Our Busy Schedules

Be it staying in a joint family or sticking to one another in that far-away flat, no matter how long have stayed together, we shall always carve out that ‘US’ time together.

Be it simple night-walks or a clubbing together, we shall always have ‘US’ at number one priority.

3. To Laugh At Each Other’s Jokes Forever

Because being silly together and creating a happy world together are the real couple goals!

4. To Hold Each Other’s Hand Every Time We Walk

Because it creates a sense of deep belonging to one other!!

We might have dated for years and been together for decades, but we will always hold each other. Because holding each other’s hand was our best decision ever and we should stand by our words! Winks!

5. To Kiss Each Other Good-Nights and Good-Mornings

Because there is no better morning to wake up to kisses and no better night to feel the peace with your loved one around.

6. To Be Each Other’s Anytime Shopping Partner

And carry those heavy shopping bags all the way round!

Because it’s good to share each other’s load!

7. To Have All Ears While The Other Is Talking

Whatever or about whosoever be the rant!

No matter how many times have the other person has cribbed over the issue; We shall have an ear to hear our beloved always till forever!

Ladies, grab each other’s hand and make these promises work!


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