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7 Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas To Steal From!

​Weddings bringing in the most colorful stage in our lives. Pre-wedding shoots only add a funky flavor to this!
Apart from the attire and makeup do the buzz, it’s the camera which captures the sparking eyes and the wide smile! And with the camera do the talking, it’s the background which creates the real magic!
In the vibrant age of Instagram and Facebook, where pictures reflect our emotions and captions make them worth a read, here’s a list of pre-wedding shoot themes you can try to make your album a perfect portrait to see!

1. ​The Temple Background

Enchanting bells and the positive vibes, a temple is a great place to not only to have a great beginning together but also capture all the beautiful architecture around! The stone walls restoring the cultural ethnicity and with garlands and flowers adding to the scenic beauty, you will only have loads of nostalgic memories to add on!

2. A Picnic Theme

​Forget the odd slots of holding hands and making all the mushiness glow. Instead, go in for a picnic theme.
With gardens offering you ample space to spread your platter and the trees adding to the vicious view, set your hair free and capture the real you! Use games or items you loved as a kid for props.
You can also opt for a beach theme and bring your sandboxes to play around while the camera lenses capture the most natural you amidst the waves and sunset making the difference!

3. The late night theme

How about having a night out as you step out to have great pictures amidst the quietness all around?
Around the lovely lighted lamp post or posing to count the stars! The never-ending night with a lovey-dovey session shoot will be cherished all your life! Winks!

4. The Furry Theme

​Cuddle with those four legs spices and let the pictures do their own talking!
It’s fun and delight to have them along on your special day together.
You could visit the nearest pet farm to make your dream come true!

5. The Vehicle Theme

​Go boating as the photographers capture your candids! If you are a biker, don’t forget to have that bulky beast on your side while you flaunt your skills at road. Ask your photographer to capture all the vhrooms as you hit the road with your Bae. (You can even add cycling to your list!)
If moving vehicles is not on your list, head out for vintage car showroom and make the make the majestic cars your perfect prop for the day!

6. The Festive touch

​With festivals at your backdrop and your traditional wear beaming with a glow, this shoot will be the brightest of all!
Lighting lamps to blowing off the candles, playing colors and dancing to the beats of dhol, from Holi to Diwali and Christmas to New Year, you can filter from the never-ending options to choose from!

7. The Village View

Escape to the lush green fields or the landscaped well for the day. Fenced old homes and a well behind will catch all the beauty in its place! You can even jump in the tractors or take a bullock cart ride and make memories happen!

Girls, do you have any other wonderful ideas to add?


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