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7 Things Every Happy Couple Follows

Being in a relationship is no less than a self-balancing and self-controlling task!

Hitting new milestones with both partners in sync is a lot of hard-work with a series of homework!

Amongst tons of adjustments and thousands of compromises, here are the 7 secrets which make them stick to one another and build an empire to cherish!

1. They Support Each Other Like A Rock

No matter what!

Be it an overseas career or dropping off the career, you have each other’s back and that’s made you win over all circumstances with each other on side!

Imagine having your cheering squad on your side in all those rough patches of life!

2. Fights Are Kept Behind The House Walls

Yes, every couple fight and there are no exceptions to this!

But brooding over the same in public and getting the crowd attention by uploading statuses and stories on social media is a strict no-no for happy couples.

They don’t wash their dirty linen in public!

3. Physical Intimacy Never Takes A Back Seat

Be it a yearlong relation to a decade long relation, their equation remains the same. Because hugs and kisses only improve your closeness and satisfaction level with one another!

4. Indulge In New Things Together

They agree to disagree but never give up on each other’s choices!

Having diverse likes and dislikes, doesn’t stop them from trying out new things together!

Happy Couples knows how to keep the sparks alive!

5. Create Reasons To Laugh On

Adhering to each other’s needs and making the environment friendly and lively is no big task for them.

They take those efforts for each other when the other is upset and angry instead on self-brooding on the situation!

6. Express Their Love Towards Each Other

Falling is love is a cakewalk, staying in love is easy but making the other person love you no matter what is the real challenge!

Happy Couples keep their spark alive with their expressions talking volumes of love for one other.

Be it a Facebook post or that cheesy Instagram Caption, they know how to keep the other one happy.

7. Willing To Work At It Together

On all the steeps and slopes in the relation!

Times can be tough and the rough ones being extreme difficult to cope with one another. But taking a break and burying the hatchet for a while is not the solution they look for.

Because you talk, communicate and sort things together!

That’s the most beautiful way to build an unbreakable bond with each other!!

So Girlies, as you look at that super-happy couple at sight and feel guilty about your own relationship, practice these habits and put smiles on each other’s face!


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