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7 Ways He Says ‘I Love You’ Without Actually Saying The Golden Words

​This Valentine keep a lookout for these 7 ways he says ‘I Love you’ without actually saying it. Relationships are as twisted as roller coasters. A guy being silent about his emotions towards you only adds more jerks to it! Winks!
After a year or so, the magical surprises fade away. You find the three golden words; ‘I Love You!’ taking a backseat in your conversations.
Just as you wonder about his feelings for you, here are a few things he will always stick to even if he is shy to repeat the ‘I love you’ saga!
Keep your eyes open!!

He says ‘I Love you’ without actually saying it!

1. Wakes you up with his sweet voice

A guy is missing his sleep to be an alarm clock for you!
If he wakes his girl up with his sweet voice and a peck on cheek, you are having a great deal girl!
A breakfast in bed will speak more volumes of love!!

2. Holds your hands in public

​Because actions speak louder than words!
Be it a crowded market or a long stroll along the beach, he will never let your hand go!
A guy who loves you heap and bounds will never be afraid to show the world how lucky is he!

He says 'I Love you'

3. Shares his favourite food

​Keeps the last bite of his favorite cake or allows you to have his share of that yummy pizza!
Could you ask for any better proof of love than this?

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4. Laughs all the time with you around

​A lot unsaid is said through expressions! And, when you are with a person you love, you smile a little more and laugh a little louder!
If your silly jokes entertain him and he takes full responsibility of your weirdness, there is no looking back from this guy. He is saying ‘I love you’ girl!

5. Keeps a safety check on your whereabouts

​If you hear, “Text me when you reach home” or “I will wait downstairs till the door is unlocked”, on routine lines; you have found pure gold!
Because caring is saying ‘I Love you’!

6. He has your back… all the time

​Where you are free to take your decisions and he stands like a rock!
Be it a risky startup you are heading for or your late plans of marrying him, he supports all your wild and freaky dreams from head to toe!

7. Takes effort to remember all the special occasions

​Not just your birthday and anniversary, but your parents’ too!
Every milestone you achieve is cherished with immense glory and glamour. Be it a newspaper quiz you won or the victorious promotion at workplace!
If he takes efforts to remember these minute details of your happiness, the golden words are just a formality, aren’t they?

So girls, are you reading the silences?


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