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7 Wedding Themes To Stick By!

Weddings are big vibrant memories!

The glowing line of lights, the enchanting preparations, the smell of food and the list goes on as you step into the phase of colors!

The special moments wrapped in the most beautiful series of events; from unique mehendi designs and the sangeet songs,

But while enjoying these blossoms of the functions around, don’t forget to have a special drop-back around!

Among all the dance and designs around, remember to add on a wonderful theme to your wedding to capture in every guest’s mind as they shower you with their blessings!

If you’re unsure about your theme or your decor, we’re here to help.

Here are a few wedding themes to choose from as you get prepared for all the fun and frolic around;

7 Wedding Themes To Stick By!

The Peacock Wedding Theme

Shuttering feathers and the magical color; peacock has an unique charm!

With maintaining the theme with the vibrant colors of purple, green and blue, set the stage on fire with the gorgeous orchids at the backdrop while you flutter with the brightest ‘lehenga’ and dance to your outpouring happiness!!

You can also add a beautiful peacock feather as a farewell gift to your guests!!

Lovely isn’t it!

The Golden Glaze

Wedding theme

All that glitters is definitely gold to eyes, and this is hell true!

If being royal is your choice, go in for the golden glaze theme where you make it mandatory for all your guests to follow a crisp gold attire!!

From golden blouse to golden saree borders, spread the color along as you enter the mandap with the lavish red lehenga of yours amidst the flash of gold!!

Do not forget to add roses to your décor and make the stage go aww!!!

The Indoor Garden

Wheels on the grass while you hop in the indo-western floral print of ours!

Get a perfect decorator to get on pace with that vintage cycle rikshaw on the lush green lawns while you get the best pictures of the unique theme around!!

Paper kites, dangling paper flowers and a lovely fish pond will only attract eyeballs to the wedding!

The Royal Rajasthan Theme

Forget the royal elephants shown in the movie when you have the entire Rajasthan in kitty;

Chowki Dhani-The Exotic Rajasthani Village!!

Try this exotic place for your wedding while you keep your guests entertained with the local dances and the scrumptious food!

Check out the offers and plans given before you say no this kind of destination wedding!!

Google the destination now!!

The Aqua Wedding Theme

You need not travel to a beach to get this theme done!

A backdrop of these aqua colored flowers, lovely sea blue chunnis flying around and get that dream aqua feel to your ocean of happiness

It’s cool, it’s fresh, and it’s a color your other half shouldn’t mind getting on board with

Keep the aqua theme flowing with colored punch served in champagne glasses, so no one will go without a splash of this gorgeous color. And don’t forget the flowers! A stunning brooch bouquet that’s a mixture of your chosen color and white will be perfect.

The Pink Panther Theme

Pink Panther wedding theme

Though cliché to sound, this theme is gorgeous enough to steal the show!

Make your guests informed well in advance to ditch the traditional red and green while you all slip in the swamp of Pink.

To distinguish yourselves from the crowd around, dip Mr. Groom and Miss. Bride in the Magenta and see them all rosy for their nuptials!

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The Rainbow Carnival

Imagine colorful stands and stalls, lights, music, and a fun and frolic ambiance all around. Suitable for daytime and night-time wedding ceremonies, this theme is not only full of colors but showcases many activities and fun stuff for the guests over the gigantic wedding venue!

From colorful and candy-themed props to juggling clowns, from light shows to delightful entertainment performances, this theme has a lot of arrows in its quiver to craft a joyful occasion for you.

Girlies, which one will you select?

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  1. In India, weddings are considered auspicious and many cultures follow different ways in fulfilling this day to its brim. Dear Shruti, I would shout out 3 cheers for penning the different yet common themes that can be followed for weddings, which will not only enhance the celebrations but also bring loads of color and style. It was a lovely read.

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