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Adulting by Neharika Gupta

Here is our book review on this romantic novel about ‘Adulting’ by Neharika Gupta. It deals with new age characters and their life in modern society.

Adulting by Nehrika Gupta

The story revolves around 3 characters – Aisha, Ruhi and Tejas. The story is about their relationships, friendships, career aspirations. It also talks about how the they perceive their success and beauty in the changing expectations of this society. They make friends, feel lost, bitch about each other and then finally find themselves. You cannot pick a side as they all have flavours of grey in them. They are all right as well as wrong. The underlying relationship of friendship saves them all finally.
The graph of the story is pretty monotonous in my opinion. The characters getting involved does not have any highs in the story and neither do they go low after the break up. It is like those things do not matter. I was not sure whether this blandness was a side effect or was intended by the author. The story also feel stretched and repetitive in few cases. ‘Where is this going’ and ‘when will this end’ pop up in your head couple of times while reading.
‘Adulting by Neharika Gupta is a good airplane read, as it can be easily finished in one sitting and is not very taxing.
I think the underlying loneliness in spite of having all could have been handled better in the story. It had the capacity to make you do some soul searching. But it did not happen.
I really feel for Aisha, as she keeps on looking for acceptance through her blog and social media.
Each of the characters tells their own stories and they do not get mixed up anywhere. So that’s bit of good story writing.
In all, read it and leave it kind of book.

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