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Amazing Saree Drapes To Rock This Wedding Season

A saree is a six-yard or nine-yard piece of clothing that we drape elaborately around our bodies. They are available in a variety of beautiful colors and fabrics. Sarees make you look sexy. A woman in a saree perfectly draped attracts attention. In a world where people are jumping into jeans and a tee, a saree will make you stand out from the crowd. A saree embraces your curves, making you look more voluptuous. How many times have we watched Yash Chopra heroines wearing a simple saree and looking absolutely sizzling!
In short, a saree is anything but boring!
Saree is six yards of sheer grace!
And the bonus is, you can now make a style statement with a saree too! Gone are the days when we draped a saree in only one way. Here’s the first list of ways in which you can drape a saree and up your style quotient.
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Amazing Saree Drapes To Rock This Wedding Season

1. Mumtaaz style

​Right since the day Mumtaz danced her way into our hearts with “Aajkal tere mere pyar ke charche,” women have been going crazy over the saree and the way she wore it. Indeed, it gives the normal, plain saree a complete twist and makes you look absolutely outstanding at a wedding or a party.

2. ​Gujarati style

​This is the second most common type of saree draping. It differs from the regular way as it involves bringing the pallu forward from back. A saree with a heavy pallu, typically chiffon or supernet, can be worn this way to create maximum impact. It is very helpful for those wearing a ‘ghoonghat’ because, the pallu naturally falls over the shoulder and does not need to be adjusted now and then.

3. ​Bengali style

Bengali style of draping a saree is perhaps the easiest way of wearing a saree. However, the final outcome is anything but sloppy. It adds to your grace and poise. A perfect dark eye makeup and a big bindi can just seal the deal.

4. ​Maharashtrian style saree drape

​Maharashtra is a varied state and there are lots and lots of ways to drape a saree the Maharashtrian way. Typically, you need a 9 yard saree. Drape it in the Brahmin style, or if you are in an adventurous mood, go for the Lavani style. Whatever you decide on, just be prepared to be treated like a queen!
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5. ​Lehenga style

​Got a lavish saree with heavy work on the body and an even grander pallu? Pull it out to wear it in the Lehenga style. This involves making little pleats at regular intervals and tucking it in, as opposed to the regular saree where all pleats are tucked in at one place. Bring your pallu back to front or keep it front to back, your choice.

6. Nivi Style Saree Drape

​This method of draping is very commonly used because it is most convenient for office goers. Basically, nivi style means pleating the pallu and pinning it on the shoulder. This is extremely functional. But it is not limited to the office going women only. You can wear practically any saree anywhere, for any occasion this way, and you will not reget it.
​Don’t want to pin up the pallu? Just leave it open and get the open pallu style.
Lots of options, aren’t there? There are loads more. Will see you next time with a list of more ways to wear a saree.
Until then, happy saree draping!
Do post your pics in your favourite saree style in the comments below!

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