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Because My Life Has To Be My Choice….

Tell me how often do we say this – ‘my life has to be my choice’. Take any example from your lifestyle. From pre-school to school, from school to college and from college to an unseen world around; nothing feels constant than the urge to fit in! Be it a birthday party dress to that unchosen tequila shot forced by the dominant peer pressure to fit in the frame.

Amongst the fear of crumbling down to loneliness, you were missing the joy of being the real you!

The heaviness to be someone was a choice, but was it your choice lies the real question!

Be it a selection of third language at school to selecting a department at office, having a girlfriend to finding your wife, how many decisions of yours were not manipulated when bought to conclusion?

The interference might have felt small but the impacts last in your lives forever!

And girls, now it’s the time we bury the hatchet in the closet and ride our own lives!

Stop giving them a chance to decide for you. Be it the small decisions of sharing responsibilities at home to the larger ones which will make you a juggle in live.

It’s time we say yes to our heart and refusing to accept their mind at every step of our lives!

Being introvert or wearing those red pants to a party is you! Accept yourself first in this judgmental world!

Be it correct or wrong, don’t miss the opportunity to regret your foolishness and swallow your mistakes.

Because my life has to be my choice; good or bad you should own it all rather than standing behind someone and blaming them for deciding for you!

Reading this, watch this video hosted by Kareena Kapoor Khan on her show What Women What with gorgeous Sunny Leone on her side telling her side of the story of the not so regretful choices which bought her to where she is today.


You would love this funky girl too – who lives her life on her own terms! Read about her here – Fusion of culture!

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