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Best books for toddlers

Being a toddler is both a very beautiful and stressful period, both for the toddler and the parents. Toddlers are gaining new experiences by the minute. Each sight, each sound, each smell and texture is a new experience for them. They try to touch each and every object, simply because that’s how they learn. But you have to be on your toes, keeping them from doing things that could be dangerous or dirty for them, like climbing on balcony parapets, touching electrical gadgets or exploring dustbins thoroughly.

This time is perfect for you to introduce books to the children, if you haven’t already. Books are not only a means for a child to learn more by seeing, touching and feeling, but also gives you a great bonding time with your child and provides some breathing space and relaxation for your overexcited toddler and overwrought you.

Kids love books, and not only for chewing on them. They like to look at bright pictures and listen to your voice reading them the words. They like repetition, and if you are reading a story book together, there’s nothing more that can make them happier than making you read it again and again.

So here are a list of books that you and your child can enjoy together.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

The caterpillar is very hungry. Follow him as he gobbles up everything that comes in his way. He eats one apple on Monday, two pears on Tuesday and so on. He even eats pie and sausage and ends up with a stomachache! At the end, he turns into a butterfly. Just like the caterpillar, your child will be always hungry for more, every time! Read this to them for a wonderful experience.

Freight Train by Donald Crews

Even if your child has never seen a freight train, this book will take care of that and make him feel as if he has been counting freight cars all his life! With a riot of vivid colours and great descriptions, this book is a must-have if your child is a train/automobile lover and even otherwise. A great book for teaching colours to young minds.

The Happy Egg by Ruth Krauss

Children are curious about anything and everything. This book of a chick hatching from an egg tells your child all about the birth process of a bird. With colourful pictures and a simple and easy to understand story, this book is good for children who love watching birds and are curious about how chicks are born.

Fast Food by Saxton Freymann

This awesome book makes food look so tempting! All the fruits and vegetables lying in shops are just waiting to GO! A variety of transportation methods are described, from huge ships to your feet. Plus, the vegetable sculptures by Freymann are so clever and funny, they’ll even make you want to laugh out loud! A great book to introduce vehicles and veggies and fruits to the ever curious toddler.

Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough

Duck just wants to get back home in his truck. But he hits a rock and his truck becomes stuck. With superb rhyming and a jolly narrative, watch as a frog, a sheep and a goat help out the duck. Children will love the rhythm and the story. The illustrations are awesome too. A book to include in your reading list, if you wish to teach your child to help others selflessly and also have fun in the bargain.

Dr. Seuss and Julia Donaldson are universal choices when it comes to books for children. But do give these a try too. We promise you will not regret them!

What books do you read with your little bookworms? Please do share them with us here. We’re eager to know!

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