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Book Review: The Silent Patient

I read a thriller after many days and this book ‘The Silent Patient’ was a pleasant shocker! I loved being back in the thriller zone and single day reads.

The author Alex Michaelides is originally a screenwriter, this being is his debut novel. With his origins in a Greek family in Cyprus, the references to Greek mythology were obvious to flow.

Book Review: The Silent Patient

You immediately know the center line of story in the first sentence of the first chapter of the book. Alicia Brenson is in love with her husband. But she kills him with five bullets in the head and never speaks another word. Hence the name ‘The Silent Patient’. Seven years fast forward to the point where a forensic psychiatrist Theo Faber takes up her case to find out why she has been silent and what exactly happened to make her murder her husband whom she loved very much. It looks like a plain simple psycho-thriller but the story becomes more complex as the author goes on adding new characters to the story. Theo is also fighting his own demons. As you reach the end you seem to notice suddenly you have had it wrong all along. Nothing is the way it seems!

All the characters in the book, their reactions towards the female protagonist Alicia and then Alicia’s thoughts towards all of them simply reiterates how complex the human mind is. You cannot at a point in time guess definitely everything that is going on in the mind of the person before you. Identifying secrets behind that closed door and flaky exterior is mostly guesswork.

It is said that Theo’s character has been built through Alex’s own experiences of therapy during his teenage. The reference to the Greek play Alcestis by Europides makes the story more cryptic and a lot more interesting.

Smaller chapters in the book made it more fun to read and comprehend.

My recommendation for ‘The Silent Patient’: A lovely read during this period you are stuck in the house!

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Happy reading!

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