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Books on travel were made famous long ago by well known Marathi author Pu La Deshpande in his book – ‘Apporvai’. I came across another marathi author, Meena Prabhu. She writes her travelogues and publishes her books every year. She travels to a country for a month after doing her research, takes a local person as a guide and thoroughly explores the country. Her books are helpful as she not only mentions the fun part of travel but also comments on the places she didn’t like, the troubles she faced and special mentions about the local culture. Her impeccable knowledge of the country she travels to is truly commendable!

These made me explore few more books on travel. Given below are some our recommendations those will kick the wanderlust in you:

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel:

Rolf Potts the author of the book has traveled more than 60 countries. If you are tired of 9 to 5 lifestyle and want to take travel as a full time job then this is the book for you! The writer has offered suggestions based on his personal experiences. He points out that money should not really hold you back. So, there are tips on working while travelling overseas and minimizing your living expenses.

A few takeaways from the book are:

  • Travel simple and travel light. Take only the bare necessities you need while travelling.
  • A traveler is different from a tourist. Travel slowly and engage with your surroundings. Watch and listen to the locals.
  • Don’t travel with a checklist. Travel without an a strict agenda and you will do what feels right.

The book is available on Amazon and below is the link for it :

Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

A Woman Alone:

This is a book on travel which is a must read for women solo travelers. It consists of short essays by women of all ages who have traveled by themselves. The stories are funny yet insightful with how the women faced some obstacles while travelling alone. There are stories from Central American jungles to Japanese temple pilgrimages to flamenco concerts in Morocco to a camel race in the Middle Eastern desert.

The book is quite  inspiring and self-affirming!

The book is available on Amazon and below is the link for it :

A Woman Alone (Adventura Books)

Art of Travel:

This is a story of De Botton’s experiences with travel. It is intertwined with stories from some of the great people of our history like Pascal, Neitzsche, Baudelaire. While reading this book, you think about your travel experiences and ponder upon all that you have learnt while travelling.

A few takeaways from the book are:

  • Focus on the experiences while you travel.There should be a perfect mix of the art you create out of travel like photos and videos in today’s world versus the experiences you get.
  • Travel gives you happiness that all of us are seeking in our life as we are outside of the boundaries of our work and struggle to succeed.
  • De Botton advocates traveling alone as by doing so we do not have to fit into the expectation of others and can explore on our own.

The book is available on Amazon and below is the link for it :

The Art of Travel

The little book of Hygge:

Denmark-The happiest country in the world inspite of their harsh weather and relatively higher taxes than other parts in the world.The secret of their happiness is Hygge- a feeling of cosiness. They have a dictionary full of hygge words.When the world is running on a fast track mode,Danish people believe in slowing down.Cosy House is the centre of hygge and it has a cosy abode to read books,a fireplace to laze around,some old masterpieces in furniture and old movies which Danish people love to watch with their friends.They believe in cosy get-togethers with friends and family and do some slow cooking to enjoy the moments.The book also mentions Hygge places to be visited in Denmark! There is also a tour to the Hygge places in Denmark inspired by this book – Click here to know more!

The book is available on Amazon and below is the link for it :

The Little Book of Hygge (Penguin Life)

Have you read any books on travel which inspired you to travel? Share your reviews in comments below!

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