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Dear Hubby, I Love You More When….

We have been spending countless years together; and being honest over these years; you occupy most of me!

From your sleeping patterns to your office schedules, your morning routines to your night unwinding, everything fits in the memory with accurate timings of yours!

With so many moments spent and cherished together, here are the little things which keep stealing my heart each time you repeat them!

1. The Manner You Hold My Hand While Crossing A Road

Even an empty street!

And every time you pull me towards the inner side while walking across the path and scrolling along.

2. Do My Portion Of Work Before I Reach Home

And make me go aww.. when I enter a clean organized and refreshing space with a hot piping teapot on the stove.

And did I mention, the apron suits you more than me! Winks!

3. Over-Perform My Mimicry To Cover Up Your Faults

Before I Turn into one of those Angry Indian Goddess. Winks!

4. Watch My Favorite Serial Along

With sour eyes and a bad face off course!

5. When You Rely On Me

I might sound irritating about you not doing your own things, but trust me, somewhere you having dependence on me makes me feel special about myself in your life.


6. Holding My Waist In A Crowded Space

No wonder I feel real safe when with you!

Shielding me from those evil eyes and secretly announcing this girl is mine!

I can hear that loud you know! Winks!

7. When We Are A Team In Front Of Others

Be it fooling someone in or playing it along, having you on my side and answering as a team ignites more love towards you!

8. Being Kind To My Parents

And making them feel one big family!

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