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Fashion resolution 2016

Resolutions in the month of February!!! what am I crazy!! But then one and a half month of new year really makes you rethink many things. And if now you are in a mood to make new resolutions, then you are really going to take them seriously. And mind you, I take fashion very seriously. I mean sitting home in pajamas is a part of fashion right?

So what would I want my fashion resolutions to be this year –
** Firstly, I would like to stock on jumpsuits, coz I think they are absolutely elegant and equally casual. I have my space even when I wear them. I generally avoid clothes which make me difficult to even breathe. Casual and trendy is what I would be looking out for this year.

** Bold fashion jewelry is something I always wanted to try. So its a risk I am willing to take this year. Indulge myself into some new bold jewelries and wear them palazzo as well as jumpsuits. I am not sure whether they would be a hit, but yes, I resolve to take that chance and try something risky.

** I really, really need to indulge into better handbags. Quirky handcrafted would be my choice. I have had formal bags and slings. So quirky handbags in fashion resolutions would be a good change this year.

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** That would of course be after I empty my closet. Re orgainising and rearranging my closet helps me try more options to wear. Eliminating unwanted clothes also helps save my time during getting ready. ​

** Of course, you may say its a every year kind of resolution, but this year I SERIOUSLY resolve to spend wisely. Not to pay more than the worth. I have decided to roam around this city (and of course I will share that with you!!), but I really need to find out good deals going around.

** And most importantly, I resolve to spend more time of yoga and my fitness, because my fitness enhances my inner beauty. It makes me feel beautiful from within. More sleep, more water and more yoga in my fashion resolutions should do the trick in my opinion.

So what am I waiting for!! Let’s get started!

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