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How to build new habits?

New year is the period of new resolutions or revisiting old ones. How many times we feel guilty of making the same resolutions again and again? But we are still unable to change our old habits or inculcate new ones. So how to build new habits and stick to them?

Our life is nothing but series of habits – few good, few bad, few rooted into us by our parents, others influenced by people in our lives (just count how many times we start a diet just because our bff is doing it!!). You might sometimes feel overwhelmed by these habits (you are just a victim of obsessive compulsive disorder!!) and at other times you change habits like you change clothes. Which do you think is the better strategy? Neither!!! You need to be in control of your habits, of your life, of the influences on your life.

This step by step plan is to make sure that the habits in your day / week / month are result of a conscious decision that you want those habits in your life but do not want to feel overwhelmed by it.


  1. Decide the habit you want to introduce on Day 1 and let us know about it.
  2. Exercise or any kind of screen time is excluded here. Start with a small change and go towards big ones. Any personal as well as professional changes are acceptable.
  3. Schedule a time. The time when you plan the activity decides your priority for the activity. For example, unless I finish my gardening work I will not eat lunch. This shows your dedication to the cultivation of new habits.
  4. Maintain a dairy and update on facebook group of Femme Fiesta; using hashtag #30daychallenge  #challengeyourself  #newhabits  #femmefiesta #metime #yourfullname.

Start small

First step in building new habits is start small! Making the system work for a small habit will do wonders for your confidence. So start with a small habit. When this is successful you can move on to bigger targets!!

Set a time, set a reminder

Decide a time daily for implementing your habit. Also set a reminder for making it happen. For example if you have decided to read before going to sleep, you can set a reminder 2 hours prior to your sleep time, so that it gives you sufficient time to finish your work and make time for reading.

Increase in small ways

Next step in building new habit is go on increasing in small ways. Once you start following the daily time for your new habit with the help of the reminders, you can go on increasing the time. For example – you can start with 15 minutes of reading time, but you can slowly increase it up to 45 minutes after few days / months

Get back on track

There might be days when something inevitable comes up and you might be able to follow through your habit. Do not miss the track entirely. Get back on it as early as possible. Perfect example is that of exercise. I decide that I will exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. I do it regularly for 8 days then I fall ill or my daughter is not well or I have a late night and I miss my next day’s workout. This might be a trigger for me to discontinue the exercise schedule. But if I don’t give up and still come back to workout the day after then I have a lesser chance of falling behind on my habit!!

Stay motivated

All you need to do is stay motivated. There might be days when you might not be able to feel like doing anything or feel like its the world’s end. But you need to still need to be patient with yourself and keep on following your habit without quitting. You can take help of a friend / partner to stay motivated, but finally it is you who will have to take all the efforts to change things in your life.

Keep a log

Maintain a log in your dairy. Keep track of all your achievements – small or big – in inculcating this new habit. Do not forget to reward yourself on these mini achievements.
Congratulations to you on reaching the end of the challenge!! We are sure you must be proud of yourself  of building a brand new habit, because we definitely are!!
Do write to us on [email protected] to give your feedback and we will be happy to publish you here!!!

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