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Forget Netflix! Have You Watched These Indian Web Series On Air?

An exciting weekend approaching with no plans on mind?

A great weekend with nothing to do is super piss off. To shed off your burden of those wondering thoughts, here is a list of few lovely Indian web-series which you can binge with Bae and make the cuddles and smiles broader while you have your favorite bucket of popcorn and pizza!

Give your schedule a swag and have this web-series marathon for a weekend to cherish!

(P.S. It might be dreadful for him to watch the mushy couple series out there but pull him in the blanket and see he him melting! Winks!)

1. Permanent Roommates- Season 1

One of the most loved series, Permanent Roommates is the perfect blend of real love with all the practical drama which surrounds every modern-day couple.

With uplifts and brakes, this story revolves around Mikesh and Tanya played by our very own cute Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh.

Enjoy the quirky journey of theirs, beginning from a 3-year long-distance relation to becoming the sweetest permanent roommates.

And the story doesn’t end here!! It begins!!

This Indian web series is my favorite too!!

2. Little Things – Season 1

With Little Things -Season 2 grabbing eyeballs on Netflix, don’t miss the amazing Season 1 of Kavya and Dhruv making you feel the magic happen!

With the confident Kavya up the heels and Dhruv making the lovable-annoying boyfriend, this story will unfold all the bitter-sweet realties of being in a relationship!

3. What The Folks- Season 1

Dice Media’s creation reverses the usual saas-bahu drama with a perfect twist!

A five-part web series, the story revolves around Nikhil who has to stay with his wife Anita’s family for a while; all thanks to his work we have this refreshing series at our doorsteps!

Watch this simple yet different story with your husband. He might get a few tips you see!! Winks!

4. Bang Baaja Baaraat

When Pawan and Shahana’s families meet each other 3 days before their destination wedding, for the first time… sparks fly!… in all the wrong directions!

The second original Y-Films series, Bang Baja Baaraat is the story of two crazy families and one mental wedding!

Watch this series for a riot of laughter with Bae.

A flashback to old memories else a warmup for the upcoming chaos if the two of you are one such pair of lovebirds trapped in family expectations!!

5. Permanent Roommates- Season 2

With an engaging drama and sorrow-filled bid to Permanent Roommates Season 1, grab your seats for a super amazing Season 2!!

After a beautiful live-in-relationship, how will Micky and Tanya make a beautiful wedding happen??

Check this trailer and make room for yet again soulful chemistry of our power couple!!

6. Love Bytes

Having a dread confusion to get into a live-in relationship?

With multiple trials, Love Bytes a story between Abhishek and Anaya’s romantic live-in-relationship is

an urban day couple set on their own clicks and clash, will they sustain the test of differences within themselves?

Get yourselves popcorn while you let the first episode do the talking!

7. What The Folks- Season 2

Enjoyed Season 1?

If yes, go ahead with the recently released Season 2.

With Anita’s sasu mom making a debut in her life, stick on What The Folks- Season 2 for an elaborated family drama to binge on!

So girls, all geared with your popcorn and pizza to binge these tales?

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