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I will teach my daughter these 5 things..

It is often said that ‘Daughters are angels in disguise.’ Having a girl is one of the best feelings in the world and it is simply the finest thing that can happen to you.  They raid your wardrobe, grab your makeup and basically imitate everything that you do. However, when we read the news around us, and the things that are going on around us, it is natural to feel scared about our precious gems. But, does this mean, that we shelter them from the world? No, what we can do is make them better equipped to face the world, with a strong face and a strong mind! Instead you share with them recipes of life to make her a better person and also strengthen your mother-daughter bond!! This is what I will teach my daughter so that she will be strong enough to survive in this world!!


I would encourage my daughter to speak her mind freely. It does not matter if other people do not agree with her. It does not matter if other people oppose her. She would meet many people in her life who would not want her to speak. She may not get easy acceptances and might have to give up on her tribe if she has a different opinion.I will teach my daughter that it is healthy to have opinions and values and speak about it. Who knows she would be an inspiration to someone else while doing it. However, a smart nudge towards choosing her words carefully.

Her body cannot be her identity

​In this age of selfies and social media freaks, it is very easy to have a negative opinion about yourself just because your body does not show it. I need to make her strong and ensure that she has that beauty from within. I also need to give her the confidence that so long as she is beautiful and worthy from within, no haircut, outfit or makeup can define her.

Learn essential life skills

Being financially independent, being able to cook food and being able to protect yourself are essential life skills anyone need to acquire to be truly independent.
I would like her to find her identity and earn money out of her passion, all the while being aware of the fact that being financially independent is very important.
I would also remind her that she need not be a top chef, but basic cooking skills can help her survive independently.
Also, she needs to be her own rescuer instead of waiting for a knight in shining armor.

Being persistent and kind

I will teach my daughter how to prepare herself for any task that she sets her mind to and that its ok to fail if she has given her full efforts. What should be more important to her is how she gets up after she fails.

She also needs to learn to listen carefully what others have to say and be respectful about their feelings. But she also needs to remember only the important and relevant things. Her image of herself should not change depending on the opinion of others.  Her confidence should be the brick wall between her image of herself and others.

Follow your heart

She needs to understand her own feelings and reactions and take informed decisions accordingly. She would meet many who would try to mislead her, force their own opinions on her and divert her from her own path. But I need to teach my daughter to take independent decisions by following her heart and learn from her failures. (Click here to know more about raising independent kids)


We all want our daughters to be strong and independent, however she needs to know the virtues of being kind, patient and gentle. It will help her win friendship and love and help her to have a balanced life.

Do you have a little princess of your own? Post a picture of yourself and your precious little ones in the comments below! Let us know what dreams do you have for her!

{Repost of an earlier post by Jhalak Khubani}

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  1. Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Many thanks!

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