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Indoor Games to Play on a Rainy Day

Rainy days are here (even if there are no signs of much rains yet). Overcast skies are becoming a more common sight now. There is a drizzle going on outside, almost always. Weekends are the time when these rains unfailingly appear, especially when you want to go out. Children, obviously, get bored. They want to play and rains also play (the spoilsport.). They need interesting indoor games!

So what can you do to keep them entertained at home? While you don’t have to do something to keep them continuously entertained (it is okay for them to get bored once in a while), we have come up with a list of ideas that can be done to keep them engaged for at least a little while. You might have to leave your work and play with them. But hey! What are the food ordering services there for?

Bring out the board games

Board games were and always will be the main reason for bringing a family together. Right from carrom boards to snakes and ladders, there are a variety of board games for you all to play as a family. You can decide the game according to the age of your child. Ludo, Monopoly or even Chess are great games you can play with your children.

Develop their fine motor skills

Allow your children to use a pair of scissors or a paper cutter to make some craft. Though it can be terrifying for you to see your little ones handling sharp objects, it helps develop their motor skills. However, it needs to be done only and only under adult supervision, even if you think your child is a pro at handling sharp objects. Give them some clay. Allow them to paint with their fingers, hands and feet. Spread plenty of newspapers and watch the fun!

Tumble around

Rough play is the best. It is too enjoyable for the super active younger ones and it provides them enough exercise too. Pile on some pillows and empty cardboard boxes. Let the children climb and roll around on them. Make forts and ladders. It’ll be an afternoon of super fun, we promise.

Bring out their inner chef

Children love cooking and prep work. They also are more interested in eating whatever they made. Ask them to help you in things that do not involved the use of heat. Mixing ingredients, washing and cutting veggies, cleaning pulses are all things they love. Salads, chaat items and sandwiches are the easiest things your child can make. If you bake, they can help you in baking too. Afterwards, make it a fun cleaning up time.

Let the bookworms crawl out

A grey and dull day is the perfect setting for sitting near a window and reading a book. Bring out all your favourite books and theirs. Read together. Read separately. Just read. Nothing in the world is better than reading when it is raining outside!

We have some suggested books for your toddlers – here!

Hold a tea party

Children of all ages are enthralled by tea parties. Hold a fake tea party with dolls and plastic tea cups or a real one by inviting over their friends. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your child is involved in it too. You could ask them to serve snacks, the fake or the real ones, and they could get dressed nicely for a party. Doesn’t it sound like a nice idea?

What do you do when it is raining outside and the children are irritable? Share your ideas with us too!

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