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Fusion of emotions : personal as well as professional

When we see a woman, we see her as a home maker or a career savvy woman. But in reality she is so much more than this. She is an epitome of fusion as emotions – personal as well as professional. This story tells you just that!


Part 1: Fusion of emotions

“Are you sure about this, Kavya? We’ve already tried a few of these ideas before, and those experiments have not worked out so great…”
Kavya looked at her client, slightly exasperated, and smiled. This was not uncommon. Frequently she had to answer such doubts from her clients. She was a fund manager and helped start ups get investors, either venture capital funds or angel investors.

But, she was very picky when it came to her clients. She did not take on each case that came to her.  The guys owning the start-up had to first sell the idea to her!! And, once she was convinced that the business actually deserved to take off like a fighter plane, only then would she take it up. But, once she took a case, she was unbeatable.

She wouldn’t just try to find investors. She would sit with the business owners, help them design the right vision and mission for their business, formulate the business plan, help plug all the loopholes, that could create problems in the future, like sourcing or customer bases, and then pitch the perfect pitch for the investors to be floored. Once she was through with her presentation, the investors would just fall over each other to be a part of the venture that she was promoting.

And yet, every time she got a new client, she had to face the same doubts and questions from the start-ups she represented. They would take one look at her, and then wonder whether they had come to the right person they had been so highly recommended to go to. In spite of being told by many of her friends and family, she refused to wear western formals to work. Ninety percent of the time, when the techies would come to discuss business with her, she would be dressed in her signature pastel colored salwar kameej, with a chiffon dupatta, and a small bindi on her forehead.

A delicate mangalsutra in her neck, two thin golden bangles in each hand that clinked softly as she worked on her laptop ferociously, and one diamond ring in each hand, was what her clients always saw her adorned with. With her curly hair bunched together in a clip behind, a few stray tendrils framing her heart shaped face, she looked more the part of a demure housewife, rather than one that could beat the heck out of the person in front, when it came to talking business plan figures. A couple of meetings later, everybody forgot what she wore and how she looked like, but the first impression was always baffling.

The same thing was happening with her current client. He was looking at her and the presentation that she was showing to him with highly uncertain expressions on his face. She smiled.

“I’m sure about this, Rohit. I’ve done this before, and I know what I’m doing. Trust me. You know what,” she continued, as Rohit continued to look at her as if he was sailing in a sunk ship. “You go home right now, get a good night’s sleep, and let me work on this pitch. We will talk again tomorrow afternoon, and I will show you some preliminary pictures of what we’re gonna deal the investors with.”

Rohit smiled at the confidence in her face. “Yeah, alright. I think I’ll do that. I’m sorry to bother you with so many questions, but there’s a lot at stake here, you know.”

“Yes, Rohit. I know that very well. Please do not worry. Now, leave so I can do my job!”

Rohit started laughing, and waved a goodbye to her as he left her office, still chuckling on his way out. Kavya rubbed her eyes, took a cup of coffee from the vending machine in her office, and called Nidhi, her assistant to join her in her office.

“Ok, so… We need to decide how we’re gonna pitch this business. Rohit’s idea is completely new. It’s something that nobody has dared to do before. So, our presentation has to follow the same lead. It cannot follow any standard format…”

“Ohh, like the standard format that we follow for all the rest of our presentations? Right… Got that!”

Kavya looked at her, sternly. “Stop being cheeky! We can’t be messing around now. We are already short of time, as you very well know. Now, what I want you to do is, to get me stories of tech start-ups we can use as inspiration. Check for people who did something completely different that most thought would fail, and ended up being brilliant. We would be starting with this. I want the vision and mission statements to come in loops with these stories. Figure out a way to weave them together. And get our graphics guy to work up some of his magic there. The colors and design should complement the logo.

Next thing, get a list of possible industrial customer base. Where can this product be used? Include Government offices in this. Those contracts are huge! And don’t just think about India. Think global. Right? And then, talk about security. Data management & server management. If something goes wrong with the server, his whole product line collapses. So, what are we doing to avoid this from happening? Right? You think you got all that?”

“Right. Got it. Will try and get it done ASAP.”

“Good girl. We will think about the rest of the slides once you are done with this. Where are we with the business plan? Did you get all the data from Rohit’s finance guy?”

“Mostly yes. Though, the efforts I had to take for that were unbelievable. Anybody would think, we’re cross-examining them rather than helping them!”

“Well, finance guys are always like that. Comes with the profession, I guess! Anyways, you start off. Let me know when you have something concrete.”


Part 2: Fusion of emotions

“Well, what can I say? That is bloody brilliant, if you’ll excuse my language!” Rohit exclaimed as Kavya finished her presentation.

Kavya smiled at him. “Ohh, you’re excused, I’m used to much worse than this! Anyways, like I said, this is a preliminary picture of what we’re gonna show your investors. We will need more data from you, and we will actually need to sit together a lot more to work through this, if we want to make this perfect. I would suggest meeting at least twice a week, in this first month, so we are ready to actually meet our investors in the next month.”

“What? We will need a whole month to get ready? But, you did such a good job in one day! Why do you need a whole month now?”

Kavya looked at him sternly. “Rohit, I need a lot more information to go ahead with this. We need to discuss many more things. We are still not through with the business plan. Both of us should be on the same page before we go meet investors. What if we end up saying different things in front of them? That won’t do at all. If you want some quick shoddy work to be done, you are welcome to go to some other firm. I won’t mind.”

“No, no. I didn’t mean that. Please, take all the time you need.” Rohit hastily backed off. ‘God, this woman is a fire alarm! I wonder if she ever loosens up or has any fun.’


Part 3: Fusion of emotions

Kavya glanced at her watch as Rohit left. “Ohh God. I’m late for Neil’s class!” She hurriedly picked up her bag, and left to pick up her son from the day care and take him to the karate class he had recently joined. Her four-year old was kicking as per the master’s instructions, with a fierce expression on his sweet, innocent face.

She came home later to find her husband making tea for both of them. He gave her a cup, which she took gratefully and sank into the sofa. Her husband, Nishad, sat beside and put an arm around her.

“Long day?” he asked sympathetically.

Kavya glanced at him, and smiled. “Yeah, it was. But, no more than usual. What about you?”

“Same here. How was Neil at class?”

“Ohh, he was amazing! So young, and yet he does everything so smartly! I’m so proud of that little dumpling!”

Nishad smiled and pulled her closer. Afterwards, she left to light the lamp in their small temple, and make Neil say his evening prayers.

Nishad watched as the soft flame of the lamp lit her face, and make it glow with a radiance that was mesmerizing. Once the prayers were done, Kavya and Neil immediately engaged in a tug of war game that they enjoyed heartily each day. Their giggles filled the house, as Nishad watched on with amusement. He couldn’t imagine how such a soft and warm person could be such a convincing person in her office. He wondered how she made it happen. Was it even possible for her to become tough with her clients? Kavya glanced at her husband, guessed what he was thinking, and smiled. She thought to herself,

“It’s funny, how everyone thinks, that what they see is all that is there. When, in reality it is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more to a woman today that it is just not possible for any one single person to get to know all of it. There is a whole world of fused emotions and ideas and actions in there, indecipherable for the common man. It takes another common woman to realise its worth!”

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