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A bucket list is a set of things you wish to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. Though this list is associated with death, it is anything but morbid. In fact, it is a set of fun goals you strive to achieve.

I feel that everyone should have their own bucket list. A great bucket list is a balanced one. It consists of all events from getting a job and managing your own expenses to visiting a place or even something as simple as smelling flowers.

There are some tougher versions of bucket lists too. Some people make lists that contain items like buying your own house or getting a job with a high pay scale. Some people I know have even got “getting a saving amount of more than 2 crores” as an item on their list!

What’s on my bucket list?

Well, there are some things I really, really need to do before I die! Now, I’m a simple girl and do not have much high dreams. But some of the things on my list involves the participation of other people, and I must convince them. In fact, convincing them could be an item on the list too!

So let’s see what is inside my bucket list!

1. Bungee jumping and skydiving

I’m terrified of heights. I cannot even stand on a chair and look down without feeling dizzy. As a test to conquer my fear of heights, I want to attempt both bungee jumping and skydiving at least once in my life. Meanwhile, I’m slowly working towards overcoming my fear of heights by doing jumping exercises with my son!

2. Visiting Disneyland at California

“Essel world mein rahunga main! Ghar nahi jaaunga main!” This song was the starting point of my craze with entertainment parks. As I grew up, Essel world seemed quite small and simple in front of what I had seen of Disneyland on TV. Sadly, I’ve never been to either place. I want to visit the original Disneyland at California at least once before o die. And if I get to click a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse (and Donald Duck, my favourite), I’d reach seventh heaven!

3. Read all the books on my TBR

I have a huge amount of books in my TBR (To Be Read) list and it keeps growing everyday. I try squeezing in books in every free second I get, even loo breaks and while going in a lift. I hope, just hope that I get to finish all the books I want to read before I go.

4. Visit Australia

I don’t know why, but Australia has always attracted me. Maybe because there are kangaroos there. Or the Great Barrier Reef. Or Brett Lee was on the Australian cricket team. Whatever. But I’d love to go to Australia at least once. And Singapore. And Switzerland.

5. Sex on the beach

I love the beach. I mean, I love it! If I’d lived in a coastal place, I’d have visited the beach daily. One of my dreams is having sex on the beach, by the moonlight. Don’t laugh. It is a very genuine wish! I’ve even planned everything, right down to the tarpaulin sheet below to avoid sand getting where it shouldn’t. Only convincing the husband remains. I’m sure he’ll agree to it one of these days.

6. Learn a new language

I’m in awe of people who learn new languages. They pick up languages so fast! My dream is to learn a new language – German, Japanese and Chinese are at the top of my list. I’m just hoping to get some time off from my busy schedule so that I can start in earnest. Meanwhile, anyone wants to teach me some Indian language?

What’s on your bucket list, girls? If you haven’t made one yet, go make it now! Because we have one life and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

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