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New year brunch plan

Today I bring you a meal plan, or rather a lavish buffet spread for a lazy Sunday brunch… A wish list to ponder at the start of the year, which can provide the required magic to life…
Pre-Preparation required: Will power to actually implement the below..
Preparation Time: As much time it takes to make up your mind.. 🙂

New year brunch plan: Resolutions for me-time

New year brunch: Starters: (pick any two)

1.    I will try to get up half an hour early (you can accomplish 30 % more during 5 am to 10 am)
2.    I will exercise at least for 30 minutes 4 times a week (this is like your daily glass of milk, you have no choice on this)
3.    I will meditate / pray / visualize positive things / do yoga for 30 minutes every day.

New year brunch: Main course (pick any five)

1)  I will invest in the best clothes I can afford-along with cool shoes (It is a universal truth, that you feel so much better, when you are dressed up nicely!)
2)  Will outsource everything, which is not my core competence. (Won’t waste time on improving my weakness. If I can’t make rotis, I can’t make rotis. I’m not going to learn now!)
3)  Will reduce my mobile bills by 30%. (Mobile phones are the biggest time waster in India!)
4)  I will not call my employees / colleagues on weekends or when they are on vacations. (They will respect me for that)
5)   I will at least take one risky decision, which I was always scared to take. (I don’t want to die of boredom-do you?)
6)  I will train my brain to think creatively every day. I will try to do different things to exercise my brain muscles- try new style & color of clothes; go to new restaurants, visit zoo; listen to different music; visit toy shop to observe children buying toys

New year brunch – Dessert (pick all, you can never have too much of these items.. :))

1.   I will take minimum 2 long vacations in a year. And this does not include weekend getaways, mind you..
2.   I will devote at least one day (Sunday) for myself only. No business calls, no laptops. Does not matter, how big my business/position is.
3.   I will smile at everyone I meet. (Even to the liftman/cabbie/peon)
4.   I will laugh often.
5.   I will watch one movie in a cinema hall every month (it is therapy for the soul)
6.   I will read at least 2 books in a year.
7.   I will do one thing, which I was always fearful about.
8.   I will call two old friends, whom I have not spoken for years.
9.   I will do one thing, which makes me truly happy.
10.  I have got only 52 weekends. I will not let anybody spoil them.

Let the coming  year be the best year of your life, made up with a fusion of your favorite dishes, and a well satisfied palate!!

Happy cooking, gals!!

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Loads of luv,
Femme Fiesta team

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