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Tips to stand out in your office

So, another weekend is nearing. But before you know it, it will be Monday again. Monday blues is a real thing, combined with the anxiety of what to wear to office.

There’s a joke on the internet of a girl who has a wardrobe full of clothes yet she doesn’t have anything to wear! Combined with late nights and oversleeping on a Monday morning and the general inclination to resign and just sit at home, the “what should I wear today” question seems insurmountable, doesn’t it?

When I got my first job in a multinational company, everyone was overjoyed. But while congratulations were pouring in from all sides, I wasn’t worried about the work timings or even the work itself, but about what I would wear!

Seems familiar? Here are some tips to dress up appropriately for office:

​General Tips

  • Get to know the dress code of your workplace – Some offices prefer only formals while some are open to casual wear. Know what goes in your company.
  • Shop for clothes with the right fit – This is a very important though often overlooked point. Your clothes must fit perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Avoid showing skin unnecessarily – The thumb rule of most companies. Do not wear clothes with a deep neckline or a high hemline.
  • Do not wear flashy jewelry or makeup – Flashy and bold jewelry and heavy makeup cause distractions, especially if you have a client facing role. Keep jewelry simple and makeup discreet.
  • Wear appropriate accessories – Select shoes that go with your dress. Keep your shoes well maintained.
  • Never leave your hair wet – If you wash your hair in the morning, make sure you blow-dry it. Do not go to office with wet hair.
  • Keep your hair off your face – Style your hair in such a way that it stays off your face. Bangs falling on your eyes may be cute, but do not look professional in a corporate environment.
  • Be hygienic – Nobody likes talking to a person with bad breath. Sitting beside a person with body odor is the worst punishment anyone can get. Brush your teeth everyday, invest in a good deodorant. If you smoke, keep a mouth freshener handy.

How NOT to look boring at work

1. ​Classic Look

​The Classic look is the most recommended work attire. It is easy to put together and suits everyone. How do you stand out from others at work then? Simple. Wear a statement piece. Be it a chain or a watch or earrings or even shoes or a bag, a single piece of a statement item will jazz up your drab attire.

2. ​The Casual Business Office Look

​Wait a minute. This name seems so confusing! What is Casual Business Office Look? Nothing but simply wearing your jeans! Don’t pull out your favourite, faded jeans out immediately. Instead, you can opt for skinny jeans. Pair it with killer heels and a silk shirt. Go on, own the day now.

3. ​Carelessly Chic

​This look is for people who want to spend hours getting ready but look as if they have just walked into office straight from the bed. Yes! This is a look too and it takes careful preparation to achieve it. If there is someone who is Fashion conscious at your workplace, they will surely know how much pains you have gone through to achieve this look. Clash different prints, colors, wear perfect fitted clothes with loose ones. Preferably wear heels though sandals or flip-flops may look good too.

​More on this, I’ll save for the next time. Meanwhile, do let us know your sartorial choices and flood the comments with your pics.

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