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Top 5 rainy day outfits

Monsoons are expected to arrive between June 5th to 8th, this year in India. And while monsoons are great – that mitti ki khushboo after the first rains, greenery all around, and most importantly, cooler temperatures – all this is awesome, no doubt, but they can become a tad boring after a time.

Sitting at a window with a cup of hot tea and bhajjis is a dream scenario that usually comes to reality on the weekends. (Coffee and books on a rainy day are a great idea, too!) But then, time flies and Monday comes and you have to go outside for errands, work or college. You cannot take a raincheck always, rain or not. And if you are caught in a downpour, you’re stuck.

Bollywood has given a really skewed view of rains. If it is raining, the last thing you want to do is dance on the road. (The puddles of muddy water! Shudder!) The only daydreaming I can afford to have when I’m caught in a sudden shower is that I wish I was home. Movie actors seem to not mind getting wet. Indeed, they seem all the more happy if it starts raining suddenly.

I have been caught in rains enough times, arriving at work looking like a mud-splattered zombie. So bookmark these tips, just in case, so that you can face the wrath of the rain gods and still look good. These little tricks are tried and tested!

A trench coat

A trench coat is gorgeous. You can wear it with anything and look awesome. As a frequent user of kurti and leggings, I have worn a trench coat over my outfit and I have looked good, if I say so myself. You can use it as a layer with dresses, Indian wear, jeans and tops – anything – and look great. However, a trench coat doesn’t have a hoodie, which brings me to my mandatory item number 2 in this list.


Monsoon is a legitimate reason for you to carry an umbrella. An umbrella, by itself, is a stylish accessory. And I really love those rainbow-coloured umbrellas that give a pop of colour when the whole world is grey. Plus, they are impossible to forget. Transparent umbrellas are great, too. You can actually look upwards and see the raindrops bursting against your umbrella. How cool is that! If you don’t ride a bike, where it becomes impossible to hold an umbrella, make this a mandatory addition to your purse.


There are times when you simply cannot carry an umbrella. Imagine strong winds and an umbrella! Or you riding a bike with an umbrella in one hand! Unrealistic scenario. So you have to get a raincoat. Before you start wrinkling your nose to the idea of wearing a raincoat, let me tell you something. Raincoats aren’t what they were when you were in school. Boring colours, stiff rubber, thick and pretty much doing only one thing i.e. protecting you from rains (and failing at that miserably sometimes, too). Nowadays, raincoats have become really stylish. Transparent, available in a variety of colours and designs, you can get one that catches your fancy. You no longer need to look dowdy in a raincoat. Just try it!


A sturdy hat could be your saviour on days that have light but continuous drizzling. You could also wear them on days when you have both your hands occupied and you cannot hold an umbrella. Wearing a hat with any outfit automatically makes you look more mysterious and stylish. If you want to instantly stand out in a crowd, try this tip!

Rubber boots

Rubber boots might not be the most stylish option to wear with your outfit. But trust me, you need it. I’d rather prefer to look unfashionable than having to sit in a centralized air-conditioned office with wet shoes and socks. You could always carry another pair on your bag to change once you get indoors.

Waterproof bag

One thing most ladies overlook is the bag. Ladies, your regular bag isn’t going to cut it in the monsoons. You need a waterproof bag. Period. I’ve ended up enough times with damp notes and phones to know that this is an absolute necessity. Do not skimp on this. You will thank me later.

Raincover for your bag

People carrying laptop bags, pay attention. You don’t want your laptops and stuff getting wet in the rain, not even a tiny bit. Sometimes, the rains are so heavy, even the waterproof bags don’t help. The water finds some or the other nook and cranny to creep into your stuff, and percolate through everything. You know what that means, don’t you? A death certificate for your laptop!

Rather than going through this every time, get a rain cover for your laptop bag. It covers the whole bag efficiently, and doesn’t let a teensy drop get inside. This item has been my life savior for the past 3 years now!


With these tips, you could just turn monsoons into something like what they show in the movies. No, you probably will still not go singing in the rain, but you can be rest assured you can enjoy the rain and arrive at your doorstep as dry as possible at the end of the day!


Any other tips you have for others to escape being drenched on a rainy day? Share them with us here!

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