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Top hashtags for fashion Instagram blogs

What use is a new outfit if you didn’t post a picture of it on Instagram? Did you even wear it? Instagram has become the be all and end of the fashion scene. If your attire is not on Instagram, it doesn’t exist. In short, Instagram is the platform where the fashion world converges to share content.

Instagram hashtags are lifesavers. They are used to index and organize and search out a particular photo out of the millions that are uploaded every day. But choosing an Instagram hashtag, especially if you want a good number of followers, is no laughing game. You could be a casual user, but how do you garner views?

Here we give you a list of fashion hashtags that will turn you into a professional Instagrammer in no time! You can thank us later!

High-volume hashtags (10 million+ search results)

These hashtags can push you up of the list quickly and display your picture to millions of people in Recent Posts. However, your image needs to be top-notch to grab attention in this feed which is extremely fast moving. Initially, you may find it difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you could shoot up your popularity literally within seconds

  • #FashionDiaries – It contains general fashion content and advice. Recommended for all fashion bloggers.
  • #OOTD – This hashtag has shot to popularity very quickly and is now one of the most popular tags. OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day; you can post anything from a selfie to a high-res fashion shot.

Other popular high-volume hashtags

#Style #InstaFashion #Vintage #FashionBlogger #Fashionista #StreetStyle #Stylish #MensFashion #WomensFashion #InstaStyle #LookBook #StyleBlog #WIWT #PicOfTheDay #ColorOfTheDay


Mid-volume hashtags (50,000 – 1 million search results)

While a high-volume hashtag will put you on top immediately, chances are, your post will be buried on the avalanche of other posts on the constantly moving group.

Using a mid-volume hashtag puts your post in the Recent Post list, but doesn’t let your photo get buried too quickly.


  • #LiketkIt – #LiketkIt or Like To Know It is one of the most brilliant hashtags you’ll find under the fashion umbrella. This hashtag allows you to shop for any outfit on Instagram tagged with this hashtag. Once you double tap on the photos you like, the details of the shop will automatically be sent to you by mail! Brilliant, isn’t it?
  • #StyleTheBump – With more to-be mothers becoming aware and in sync with their bodies, this trend is quite popular. With over 100,000 posts, this feed is full of beautifully pregnant women and stylish to-be mums flaunting their pregnant tummies and their style.

Other mid-volume hashtags:

#BlueJeans #LiketkIt #FashionGoals #StreetFashionStyle #ShoesDay #NewShoes #NewDress #OutfitInspiration #WhatIWore #StyleTheBump #LoveThisLook #ShowYourAttitude #HappyStyle #MakeYouSmileStyle

Low-volume hashtags (1,000-10,000 search results)

If you are showcasing a particular subsection of fashion in your post, you could tag it there. Many people do not search for something generic, like #Dress, but are interested in #WrapDress. These hashtags are for a limited, engaged community which is more likely to enjoy your post than the regular Instagrammer. Such hashtags also ensure that your post stays visible in the tag page for a longer time.

  • #VelvetBoots – You might think velvet boots are out of fashion. But there is a niche market for them and a target audience who looks for them regularly, too. This feed, with limited posts, features some of the best shots of people wearing and modeling velvet shoes.
  • #BootCutJeans – Oh yes! Boot cut jeans are still a craze among the population, though they are allegedly out of the fashion scene. Look this up for some amazing photos of people in boot cut jeans, flaunting their style.

Other low-volume hashtags:

#HeeledSandals #VelvetBoots #ChokerStyle #SlipOnSneakers #HowToStyle #BagCrush #ShoeCrush #BootCutJeans #BohemianLook #CamiDress #SlipDresses #GothLook #PinkNails

Do your research

You might have an idea of what’s going on in the fashion world, but it is always a good thing you didn’t do a bit of research and get new knowledge.

Let Instagram give you suggestions

When you search Tags on Instagram, you’ll get a set of the most popular hashtags. Look at those; there might be one there which suits your post exactly! Click on it, and the related hashtags will be listed as well. Make a note of them. You can also check out popular fashion channels and see what hashtags they are using. You could use those same hashtags and connect with a similar audience!

Research your hashtags

There are actually apps that study your post and identify the relevant and trending hashtags you can apply to it. This way, you can target your posts to the correct audience.

When putting in hashtags, remember not to overload your posts with fashion hashtags that are not relevant to the post. Such posts are generally treated as spam. They could also result in you getting shadow-banned.

Use hashtags wisely, relevant to the post and see your list of followers increasing!

Did you find these tips helpful? Have you done anything on similar lines? Please share your experiences with us!

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