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Traditional cooking: Old is gold, bold and beautiful

With increasing accessibility to social media, there is a massive wave where artists, irrespective of their field, are able to showcase their talent. Stand Up comedy, fine arts, Makeup and hair, Politics or Podcasts, every form of art has an overwhelming response from the viewers. And not to forget, the art of cooking as well. You need not be a chef or a culinary professional to create amazing web content. Blogs, instagram, websites, videos- www (world wide web) is your limit!

Local food

Talking about food specifically, we all agree there is an increased demand for fitness tips and meal prep ideas as well. Thanks to many popular Indian nutrition experts and dieticians, Indian diet is being applauded all over the country for its sustainability. Economically, locally and intellectually approved lifestyle is what people seek for over fad diets. Although we see a lot of ‘chia seed’ and ‘goji berry’ lovers, there are people who have had fantastic results eating simple, traditional home cooked food.

Millions of videos are available about how to bake cakes, make breads, roast meats, or try a hand at restaurant-style cooking.

However, what has caught the attention of many viewers are these videos of rural folks cooking the most authentic Indian food ever! Grabbing produce literally from their farmland and using a wood-burning stove, these videos are getting millions of views. What they demonstrate might not be fancy or made using branded kitchen appliances or presented in beautiful chinaware. It is, however, guaranteed flavour and nutrition packed!

Our favourites

Here are a couple links to our favourite traditional recipes. This village couple not only demonstrates the recipe but also gives an overview of the Ayurvedic aspect of what they are making. (P.S. This video is in Marathi language and the subtitles are erraneous. And in the second video is this old grandma who will cook you quick, easy, delicious meals without any talking! So, no language constraints here. Two videos, quite different, yet based on the same foundations.


Did you enjoy watching these gems? Only if we knew where the videos are being shot, in no time we would rush there to gobble all the food. Let us know how you feel about Indian Food! Also, share, subscribe and follow us on social media. We love sharing and hearing about anything and everything related food.

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