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Unique hotels around the world

We travel to see beautiful places and sights and treat hotels just a stop over from our sight seeing. However some hotels are a destination in itself. As they are unique, you can actually plan your vacation around stay in these hotels.

So, let’s explore some of these unique structures in today’s blog:

Ice hotel, Sweden:

This is the very first ice hotel in the world and that makes it special. It is open only from December to April. This hotel is made with lots of love and labour. Every year a new artists constructs it. Your journey to the hotel starts in a sledge driven by the dogs that take you to the hotel. The ride is for about an hour. As you enter the hotel you would be astonished to see the beautiful ice sculptures. Everything here is made up of ice. The rooms, the chandeliers, huge ice sculptures and even the bed are made up of ice. But don’t worry, you have a bedding over it, so you don’t need to sleep over ice!

There are other things here which you shouldn’t miss:

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland:

       Dashing through the snow

       In a one horse open sleigh

My favorite song as a kid. While singing, I dreamt of a ride in a sleigh with a nice plump reindeer in a white snow. And there is a resort which ensures that this dream comes true for me. It is the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort at Finland. The resort is uniquely created with glass igloos which are rooms for you to stay. You can sit in your room and watch the beautiful northern lights as they play hide and seek in Finland. If you want a ride in a sledge or ice scooter, the resort offers it to you. You can play in snow, slide on it or go fishing in the snow. Here, you can enjoy some unique delicacies like the reindeer meat.

Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania:

If a splurge in ice us not enough, see this resort which has a room under the sea! Whoa! A unique concept isn’t it? So, get ready for this water adventure. Located in the pristine island of Pemba in Tanzania with turquoise blue waters, this place is an absolute treat for water babies. You are taken to the hotel which is in the middle of the sea in a boat. As you land in the hotel, you can either stay up and play in the water, go snorkeling or scuba diving or enter the glass room beneath. Witness the sea life from your glass rooms, you and the fishes and other sea creatures are just separated with a glass wall. As the sun sets and there is dark all around, you get to see the blue world around you in the dark!

Sand Hotel, Holland:

We have often heard of the princess castles as kids. As kids when we visited the beaches, we have built sand castles. So, how about staying in a princess castle made up of sand? Seems right out of a fairy tale, ain’t it? This dream comes true at the sand hotel in Holland. The sand castle is a huge hotel and as you enter inside you can see the beautiful structures made of sand! The rooms too have beautiful sand structures. Now, you might wonder how does the sand stay firm, won’t it just crumple down? No, actually the sand is hardened and hence it does not fall off. The inside of the hotel is made up of wood and a layer of sand is applied above it. Just watch the video below to witness this beautiful hotel.

What a unique way to plan your vacation isn’t it? Would you like to plan a trip to these wonderful places?

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