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Welcome! I am Kalyani. I started ‘Femme Fiesta – travel blog and lifestyle blog’ with my sister Meghana, where we believe that guiltfree #Metime is an essential ingredient in mental wellness!

Me and my sister Meghana – both of us have been through the perils of tough career and even tougher parenthood. I have two daughters and she has a son. They demand a large chunk of our time. Household chores and career takes up the rest. A few years back we realized, if we go on like this we are going to burn ourselves before 40. So while we retire from our work, we will have literally no energy to do anything fun.

We believe that the time to have some fun is now!! The time to grab a chunk of time from your daily chores is now. Time to get that guilt-free Me Time is now!!

Travel Blog: India travel and abroad

I am extremely passionate about traveling and make it an essential part of my me-time activity. As an Indian travel blogger, I enjoying blogging about the places I travel to. When I travel in India, I like to study Indian heritage, ancient history, and mythological references. While traveling out of India, I like to understand their language, cultures, and cuisines.

History, culture, people, and cuisines are everything I love about traveling. It just helps in reminding myself that I am a part of the much bigger picture and I am so proud of it!!

Breathe, Live, Enjoy

This is the motto both of us believe in and live by. We want you to grab all the opportunities to have fun and enjoy.  So as lifestyle bloggers that is another thing we like to blog about – a healthy and fun lifestyle!

We talk about everything related to women’s lifestyles! Food, books, me-time, wellness, and a lot more fun stuff. If you want to know what we write about and about our other businesses, then check our START HERE page.

Join the journey

Subscribe for a newsletter to stay tuned to everything we do!! For anything else, just write to us on [email protected] or [email protected]. Keep sending our travel blog and lifestyle blog some love through emails, comments, likes, and follows. Our Insta page is femmefiesta_thinkmetime and facebook page is fb/thinkmetime.

We embarked on this journey in the year 2016 to help you get in touch with all the fun aspects of our lives. We hope you join us on the ride and enjoy it as much as we do!!

Kudos to the funky traveler who loves to break her comfort zone! Claps to the mother who claims her guilt-free me-time and makes the most of it! Cheers to all the women out there trying, failing yet laughing, enjoying the small moments, and having a heck of fun out of it!!


Kalyani & Meghana

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