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My Fashion resolutions for 2023

As December drops its curtains and January starts rolling in with a lot of fireworks, all of us scramble to create some fun new year’s resolutions. We all rack our brains for ideas to improve our life. Some resolutions are pretty ambitious while some are the exact replica of the previous year. I thought why not jump on the train and create my own fashion resolutions for 2023 (even though I have a very limited sense of fashion, probably why I need to resolve to be fashionable in the first place!! Anyways!)

So I researched what celebrities consider fashion resolutions! And this is what I found –

I’m going to stick to the five “new” clothes a year rule, whether they are second-hand or not. It’s a concrete way of understanding how much we all need to reduce our consumption by in order to stay within the fashion industry’s “carbon budget”.

– Emily Chan, Senior Sustainability and features Editor, British Vogue (reported in British Vogue)

In 2023, I vow to be on top of mending my treasured pieces and to bring them back to the forefront of my everyday style repertoire.

– Alex Kessler, Junior Fashion editor, British Vogue (reported in British Vogue)

In 2023, my goal is to buy local and seasonal produce whenever possible. It’s one way to reduce carbon emissions while also supporting small-business farmers that follow sustainable practices like regenerative agriculture. 

– Cynthia Mittweg, head of brand, RE/DONE (reported in British Vogue)

I noted sustainability and eco-friendly fashion styles were trending in the fashion world. I am half sure how much of these principles are actually being used in actual fashion events, but that is a topic for another day. I decided to take a cue from these and make my own list of fashion resolutions for 2023. Here they go –

Fashion resolutions for 2023

Smart shopping

I am very much aware that I may not stop shopping. But what I need to control is emotional shopping, which is addressing stress with nonessential purchases.

I also plan to have a fashion budget so that I don’t end up overspending on the latest fashion trends. This will help me plan my fashion purchases smartly

Bold fashion

Every year I try to do something which breaks my comfort zone in one or the other way. This year, I plan to implement a fashion style that breaks my fashion rules – like trying different colors, trying a new trend, etc. If you have any suggestions about how I can go about this, please drop them in the comments section below.

Vintage and sustainable

This is also something that I have never tried before. I generally tend to stick to pieces I am extremely comfortable in and that also applies to marketplaces and brands. So this year I want to explore more local brands and probably vintage pieces too. This way I will be doing my own small contribution to the local and sustainable initiative. If I can upcycle something from my existing wardrobe, then I would be more than happy!

I know everyone is talking about fashion after watching ‘Emily in Paris’. But fashion is what others see when they see you and I think fashion should reflect your personality. If your personality is changing then so should your fashion resolutions!

So, pull that belt and start writing your own fashion resolutions for 2023!

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