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7 Fun Resolutions for 2023

Year 2023 is here! As usual, we are super excited for the New Year because of the endless possibilities that it brings. Although It is not a blank slate, but a chance to fill in endless possibilities. As I started thinking about what I wanted to do in the new year, a few suggestions thrown by Google the great were about fitness and wellness and everything related. Believe me, we are going to forget about this the second January ends or probably earlier! In fact, I ran across this definition – 

I define New Year’s resolutions as ‘Casual promises made to myself that I’m under no obligation to fulfill’.

When you think of resolutions it feels as if you need to take something really serious and work hard to change your life. Why can’t it be fun? If they are fun one would be automatically motivated to follow them. So let’s resolve to have fun in 2023 and this is how you can do it – 

7 fun resolutions for 2023

Here are 7 fun resolutions every girl should take up in 2023.

1. Try out a new place to eat or a new food item

We have been going out for ages and even learned to order from wonderful places (thanks to Zomato, Swiggy, and Covid lockdown!). Why not make a resolution to try out different places or a food item every time we either eat outside or order from outside? Won’t it be fun to have different experiences to talk about? (Do not forget to include different cocktails and desserts too, I am sure you are working out as a part of your regular resolutions!). 

2. Follow your passion in 2023, like really follow it

Your passion is something you enjoy doing every time you get some free space in your to-do lists. So identify and follow this passion. Follow others who have the same passion or better yet form a meetup circle. Won’t it be great if you meet up with friends while following your passion? Working on your hobby or passion would be more fun if it is with your friends. So try following for passion as a fun resolution for 2023. 

3. Take out your anger on the journal

I know tempers flare up for the smallest and / or for the biggest of the reason. Many of us do not take it out on other people but the anger keeps on boiling within. Won’t it be fun to just let go of this immense anger? Make a journal where you pour out all the anger you feel about a person, really let it out never to be visited again. You would definitely feel much lighter after this. I think an Anger journal can be really creative and fun. What do you think?

4. Travel scrapbook

All of us addicted to Instagram these days have forgotten how a photo album looks. So along with putting up the pictures on social media, let’s print a couple of them, stick them in a scrapbook and write our comments on them. You can get your friends and family to add their comments in their own handwriting in the scrapbook. The scrapbook can also have a leaf or a flower or a ticket or any other souvenir from the trip.

5. Wear something fashionable from your closet

I am sure we all have an ample number of clothes in our closets. Believe me, we do not need to buy more (though we might still keep doing that). But try a different combination that you have been hesitating to wear or try something fun the next time you go out. 

Also read my blog on ‘Fashion resolutions for 2023‘ if you want to include wearing something out of your comfort zone in the list of fun resolutions!

6. Keeping in touch with your friends (and maybe family too!)

This resolution for 2023 can be super fun as well as therapeutic too! You can find out innovative ways to meet them and not just over a coffee. As I mentioned earlier, it can be over a passion project or a hike to a nearby hill or watching a new production in your city. You can find out your ways and means, but the crux is to keep in touch. If you can think any other innovative ways please do drop in the comments below. 

7. Tick off those pending items on your bucket list

Want to go bungee jumping? Plan it this year. Want to learn cocktail mixing? Do a course this year. Planning to dye your hair some crazy color? Definitely do it this year! Do not keep your bucket list for next year – start ticking off the most outrageous items in the current year.

The best resolution you can make in this new year I will not be the ‘new me’. 

So these are the 7 fun resolutions for 2023. Which ones are you picking up?

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