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How to be Successful Working From Home!

There were real times when we dreamt about working from home and enjoying a perfect work-life-balance!

God just heard you ladies! And here you are with your husband and kids hovering over you with client calls and making you to revisit your wishes!!

And, 2020 finally welcomes you to the much-desired work from home with most disaster you never thought!

While I belong to this working tribe too, here are a few points from my end to yours to make your Working From Home a little less of pain and more of satisfaction!!

Practice these for successful working from home

1. Follow Formal Dress Up

And I know it’s great to wake up at 9.55 am and take that client call at 10.00 am in your pajamas, but it will only create mental chaos!

Your mental-self reacts to dressing, and this is hell true!

The more you roam around in informal, the more casual to turn to be for work!

Get yourselves bathed and dressed in formal, ladies, and see the difference there and then!

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2. Build A Work Desk

For successful working from home, build a working desk with all the essentials on board!

No more getting up from a place for water, pen, dairy a hundred times while you work!!

3. Do The Food Planning On Weekends

Don’t enter the kitchen with the confused mind of cooking meals from the scratch!

Make your weekends productive while you finish blending that tomato puree for the entire week and zip-lock the cut onions!

Trust me, kitchen and office are two poles which ever seem to attract each other on weekdays!

4. Delegate Tasks At Home Too

Be it your in-laws or your kids, delegation is key while working from home!

You handling both crucial roles of home and office will only make you feel unsatisfied and guilty of not keeping up to expectations!

Delegate tasks to everyone at home like you play off in office!

It’s time we create #equalsathome too!

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5. Keep Your Mobile Data Handy

We have entered the sweaty summers and already experiencing power cuts for load-shedding!

While your wifi bandwidth may be your friend, keep your mobile hotspots ready for sudden surprises coming your way!

Because a wifi connection can stop but work cannot!!

Girls, kudos to your true spirit of multi-tasking amidst COVID-19 ! Happy working from Home!!

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