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Retro Fashion Trends Making A Comeback

​Hi ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful week! It was my niece who introduced me to the word – ‘Retro Fashion trend’
So last weekend, my 15 year old niece had come to visit us, wearing what I thought too old clothes. Old as in, old-fashioned. Flared jeans and a plaid shirt. Something that I would have worn when I was 15. After some small talk, I secretly whisked her off into my bedroom and questioned her on her choice of clothes. And she kindly let me know how ignorant I am on today’s fashion. 😀
Fashion, it seems, goes round in circles. New fashion does come up, but the young generation may just take a leaf off the old books and wear something that’s going to hit off with everyone as “Retro Fashion”. Here are some things that are coming back now.

Retro Fashion trends 1. Flared pants

​Remember the flared pants, also known as bell-bottoms that we used to wear to college? That, in turn, came from the 80’s. Well, it seems, they are back now. The youngsters today are actually going back from skinny jeans to ones with more leg space.

Retro Fashion trends 2. Plaid Shirts

​Move over plain colours. Plaid shirts are back with a bang! Apparently, the new generation is tired and bored of the grays and browns, the blacks and whites. They are bringing back colour like never before (or rather, like before!) These plaid shirts, meant for both boys and girls, are a huge hit. If it is flannel, it is more popular. I guess the neon green Linkin Park t-shirt may have to wait for some time now before it comes back in style. 🙂

Retro Fashion trends 3. Choker Necklaces

​Oh! Those choker necklaces that were huge in the 90’s! Everyone, absolutely everyone wore them, even the men sometimes. They are coming back now, though yet not too popular among the menfolk.

Retro Fashion trends 4. Sweatpants

​Sweatpants is the new dress code of cool. Though now they are slimmer than those during our days, sweatpants have definitely made a comeback.

Retro Fashion trends 5. Ripped Denims

​Baba Sehgal and Akshay Kumar and Govinda made ripped denims so popular in the 90’s! My brother used to carefully make artistic cuts on his jeans, earning the wrath of my mother upon him. Well, he could have saved all the unnecessary drama till now. Ripped denims are back, and how! Absurd cuts, showing more skin than ever, making us wonder why the person is even wearing the garment, they are here to stay. I pity those mother’s, mine included, who blew a fuse then. What would they do now?

Retro Fashion trends 6. Straight Hair

​Hair is the only part of the body that can be always played around with. And after all the various curls and perms, straight hair is back in style. Alia Bhatt, in fact, stars in a prominent hair straightener advertisement and encourages us to go straight (the hair, I mean.) I have never been happy with my slightly wavy hair, but now I will definitely go for straight. Hopping off to purchase a hair straightener now!

Retro Fashion trends 7. Coloured Sunglasses

​These were the rage in the 90’s. Single toned to multicolored, conventional colours like blue and green to outlandish colours like yellow and red, we saw it all. Yes, they are coming back now! Go on, flaunt your colour in style!

After my niece finished her lecture and left, I was a bit dazed. I mean, I have a cupboard full of clothes, which I thought were useless. A gleeful smile slowly got plastered on my face. Those clothes aren’t going waste, after all!

Any other old-timers coming back? Comment below and let us know!
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