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5 Things You Realized This Quarantine!

In spite of social distancing, these are the things you must have realized this Quarantine!

2020 is just throwing us lemons and guess what, we are busy making lemonades! And the 2020 lockdown has bought the best for us till date!

A cozy long unsnoozed sleep, a clock that follows our routine, watching all the flicks you always had in the saved section, lying around on the sofa without parents bothering you, because even they are lying on the same couch! Winks!

While you have already in the buckets to tell your future generation about your chance of me-time in this busy world, and want this lockdown to end, here are some serious thoughts you had just as you felt the 21 day-period should come to a halt.

5 Things You Realized This Quarantine!

1. You Never Want This To Really End

And you living the most desired life! You wake up to your world and sleep watching it!

From an escape from office to hanging out the entire day in pajamas, you have realized this was what you had wished for! The thing which started down as lockdown made you realize your kind of life!

You do miss friends, but at heart you never want these beautiful days of self me-time to end real soon! Winks!

2. You Are Lazy AF

And this is hell true!

You have all the time you ever wanted to start that self-learning course and to reboot your hobbies, but hardly have you kept the remote aside to pursue that!

Because you only want Netflix and Chill!

In the growing times of building self, all we are indulging is an extravagant sleep with a mobile plugged in charger!

3. Men Do A Good House Work

This is the most interesting thing you realized this quarantine, and we love it!

From household chores to cooking, #equalsathome is being cherished by households and we have seen a newer and better version of our male fraternity till date! Kudos!

Now, we know whom to give which chores next time on!! Winks!

4. Cooking Is Just Not That Difficult

Cooking is simple – didn’t you realise this quarantine? Apart from the #dalgona coffee giving the toughest times, YouTube proved cooking is not that difficult as we make it sound to be!

We have discovered some great chefs at our home itself!

Isn’t it?

5. Home Is The Best Place For Everything! YAY!

Be it having a blast of pani puri party to watching a movie with all the lights off, our generation who never enjoyed home-made things have suddenly realized the importance of our own nest!

In all these changing and testing times, the only thing that has stayed strong and constant is the comfort of our homes!

And now, even we have stories to brag about to our next generations…..!

Girls, tell us your quarantine stories !

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