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Safety Precautions For New-Age Women

Raging hormones and rising spirits, women traveling in our society have learnt to face adversities and be prepared for them. But harm befalls if this self-confidence is turned into overconfidence. In the quest to be free it is not prudent to ignore safety. Hence, we suggest these safety precautions for new-age women to avoid dealing with its aftermath.

Rather than blaming the society, let us be self-sufficient and smart enough to deal with the surprise arrivals of the unannounced troubles. Here are a few precautions considered myths by a new-age woman!

Putting Up A Safety Door

Most of us ignore the this safety precaution thanks to the high-profile security you have in the society.

You need this protective shield to protect yourself against the unannounced visitors who might slip through the society security!!

Ladies, getting a safety door is today’s need of the hour!

Sharing Vehicle Numbers as a safety precaution

Many of the cab apps have an option to share your location and travel details to your near and dear ones. However, some of us ignore this considering it a small inter-city travel or worrying that location details might be leaked to their parents!

Whatever, be the reason, it is advisable to share your details with a person of trust before you embark any journey ahead!

Keeping The Keys To An Unattended Car Engine

Be it an occupied or a non-occupied vehicle, fixing the key to the engine and stepping out of the car even for a gist of seconds might be a deadly threat to your life!

You never know who’s watching you from a distance and waiting to grab that opportunity. Always remember to lock your doors when driving. Suspects often hijack or smash-and-grab motorists stopped at a red traffic light.

Don’t make it any easier for them by leaving your doors unlocked.

Scrolling Down The Mobile Screen While Walking In A Parking Lot

Limit your distraction in the parking lot and reach your vehicle as quick as possible. If you notice something creepy about your vehicle, pretend ignorance as you take a swift move towards the outside of the lot!

Don’t test your luck in such empty places, girls!

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Dressing against the basic safety precautions

Mind your dressing if you are stepping out for late night movies or a casual night with friends.

With wedges, heels and skirts, apart from the on-lookers finding you different, it shall hard to run. And with the scarfs on, you will easy to grab.

Be watchful of what you wear with what timing are you wearing!

Ladies, use these safety precautions for new-age women! Put alertness on the forefront along your confidence!

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