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Skincare routine that never fails

What my skin allergies taught me?

I have always been extra confident about my skin as I never faced the issues of pimples etc that normally girls face during growing up. However, the downside of this was that I never practiced skincare seriously. I took my skin for granted. Even when I was in my 30s I did some skincare but did not follow it consistently.

Last couple of months I have been having a bad case of skin eczema on my legs especially. Due to the continuous irritation and itching and the scars left behind, I was not able to wear skin-tight clothes or shorts. I felt super uncomfortable, awkward in public, and constantly frustrated. I also felt dirty from the inside out – not really sure why. I felt as if my own body was giving up on me.

But then I sat down and thought about it, this was what I felt –

My body was shouting at me for attention. Since my early childhood days, I did a fantastic job of ignoring it completely. Now it was on strike, telling me to pamper it, give it the attention it deserved. Daily attention to the skin – inside as well as outside – was really required. 

So I decided to really listen to the skin –


First it needed a lot of hydration. So I decided to increase my water intake substantially.

Sleep Schedule

Then I needed to work on my sleep schedule. Going to sleep on time and getting a full night’s sleep on most days of the day helped my skin to rejuvenate a lot faster. 


I finally saw the importance of hydrating the skin from the outside. Using the right kind of gel and moisturizer on my skin helped it retain the moisture I was giving it through my water intake.

Eating right

I also realized the importance of including more fruits and salads in my dietary intake as would improve my gut health and in turn help improve my skin texture.

Extra boost

I also researched the kind of vitamins my skin would require in order to regain its strength, may never be as good as in my 20s but at least as required to survive for the next 20 years. So Vitamin A, C and E were kind of really important for the skin to survive and hence needed to be provided to the skin on a daily basis through different skincare routines.

What my skin allergies taught me
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Skincare routine that never fails

Skincare routine is often mentioned along with self-care. It has the calming and soothing effect any other kind of self-care has. It is that time when you focus on making your skin look beautiful! Beautiful skin is not just genetics, it is an effect of daily habits too. So daily skincare routine definitely helps achieve better skin and higher confidence and self-love levels!

The simple 10 minutes skincare routine can not only clear your daily grime but also your stress from the day and relax you. It just feels nice to do something that is just for you!

So these were the skincare routines I finalized after researching a lot of data –

Morning skincare routine –

I start my morning by cleansing with a cleanser that suits my skin and has some natural oils too. This is followed by applying a serum that helps the skin to regain its brightness and remove the dullness due to pollution and makeup. Then I use an extremely good moisturizer and moisturize well. I always apply sunscreen on my face, neck and hands before heading out.

Night skincare routine –

This starts with washing my face, hands, and legs with a cleanser to remove all the remnants of the day’s grit and pollution. It follows with the application of oil (coconut, jojoba, or almond-based oil, also kumkumadi for my face) to ensure my skin stays hydrated during the night. This is followed by an all-night moisturizer to hold the moisture in the skin. Once a week, I use a scrub followed by a skin-friendly natural face mask.

Do read our blog on how to relax after a long day – simple metime activities!

Basic steps to include in any skincare routine that never fails

The skincare routine that never fails should be different for morning and night. But the basic steps involved are pretty much the same. Here are the three main steps involved in any skincare routine –

  1. Wash your face
  2. Toning
  3. Moisturizing

1. Wash your face

After removing your makeup, wash your face with R & G face wash which cleanses, exfoliates, and brightens the skin. Face cleansing is an important step as it washes away the impurities on the skin and opens up your pores. It removes dead cells, helps reduce pigmentation, and reveals better younger skin. Use daily for better results.

Take care that washing should happen only in the evening and rinsing should happen in the morning. Else too much washing might also damage your skin.

2. Toning

Your skin is one of a kind so personalize the products you use on your skin. Toning helps in balancing the skin. R&G Vitamin C face serum is one such product that helps brighten your skin and improvise skin tones. The Vitamin C serum acts as an anti-oxidant against environmental damage.

3. Moisturise

After applying the toner apply a thin layer of moisturizer on your skin to help retain the moisture and strengthen the barrier.

With Vasu Healthcare putting its 40 years into creating excellent herbal and ayurvedic products, these products are extremely reliable. Although this is a sponsored post, I have used the products myself, noticed the difference, and then posted the review here. Hopefully, the products will be as useful to you, as they were to me!!

(Note: It is always recommended to use any skin care product on a small patch of your skin to check whether it has any unwanted reactions.)

You can buy these products from the links given below –

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I have this book written by Dr. Jamuna Pai where she talks about the 5E approach to skincare – every day, Exfoliate, Erase, Eat and Exercise. Out of this, I have already implemented everyday skincare, eating properly, and exercising for effective skincare. I still need to work on exfoliating and if necessary erasing.

I also plan to study more about face yoga and plan to introduce it in my daily yoga practice. If you have any good suggestions do let me know.  Till then hope you enjoy this blog on the skincare routine that never fails! Drop some comments if you like it!

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