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Self care guide: Daily skin care routine at home

I was blessed with great skin. Not fair or anything. But there were no spots, no infections, no white heads, no pimples – Thank God!! That was the reason why I totally ignored it or took it for granted. But few years after the experimentation, I started having skin troubles, like dryness, white patches and skin infection. I realised it took a little more effort to look after the skin. You need to make it an essential part of daily skin care routine at home.

So I decided to introduce morning and evening care to my skin care routine at home and I noted a drastic difference to my skin.

Another issue is with which products to use. There are a range of products available in the market and most of them turn up on your bathroom counter. And you have no idea what to do with them! Guilty as charged! In my opinion local products make a lot of difference to your skin as they have been prepared considering the specific skin tone and the local weather in mind.

Vasu facial beauty oil and Aloe vera gel helped me lot in this journey to beautiful skin. Here’s my daily skin care routine at home –

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My daily skin care routine at home

Night time skin care routine:

After the hectic day of stress, sweat, and pollution, my skin feels so tired. I now understand that it just needs some pampering and nourishment after all this daily damage.

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So this is the routine I follow –

Wash and drying the face

I start with cleaning my face to get rid of all the dust and pollution settled over it during the day. Firstly I use almond oil to remove all the make up and then use a face wash to clean the face completely. Then, I dry my face by patting it gently with a soft towel. Rubbing it just increases the irritation.

Apply Vasu Facial beauty oil for nourishment

Just cleaning the face in night skin care routine is not enough. You need to ensure that it gets sufficient nourishment. Instead of trying out various brands in the market, why not try this traditional recipe?

Vasu Facial Beauty cream with Kukumadi Tailam is 100% natural Oil. It is a unique blend of skin-loving herbs and 5 different oils like Kumkumadi tailam, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Rapeseed Oil. This beauty oil quickly absorbs and nourishes the skin from within. It not only helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dark spots and premature wrinkles but has 0% Artificial Fragrance and is 100% Natural and of course Made In India!

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Daily skin care routine - Vasu beauty oil

These natural properties of Vasu beauty oil helped me a lot in my skin care process. You can massage your face with this and feel instant relaxation. Do not forget to include it in your morning me-time and daily skin care routine as well!

Morning skin care routine

In the morning, my skin becomes oily in summers and dry in winters. It used to confuse me a lot. However, applying Vasu facial beauty oil helped me with that problem. Now my skin feels much better immediately after waking up. Still the skin care routine is not done with just the night skin care routine. It is to be followed by a good morning skin care routine too!

Washing the face in the morning

The first thing I do after brushing my teeth is wash my face thoroughly with a face wash. Then I pat my face dry gently with a soft napkin.

Apply Vasu Aloe Vera Gel

After washing I apply Vasu Aloe Vera Skin Gel to my skin for hydration and nourishment. It helped soothe my morning itchiness in skin. Aloe vera is known for its skin care properties. This gel helps clean up the pores on my skin, thereby preventing acne in my skin.

Daily skin care routine - Vasu Aloe vera gel

It can be used on hands and legs as it moisturizes chapped hands, cracked feet and lips as well. It can be used on your hair too, as it protects the hair against environmental damage.


With Vasu Healthcare putting its 40 years of excellence into its product making, these products are extremely reliable. Although this is a sponsored post, I have used the products myself, noticed the difference and then posted the review here. Hopefully, the products will be as useful to you, as they were to me!!

(Note: It is always recommended to use any skin care product on a small patch of your skin to check whether it has any unwanted reactions.)

You can buy these products from the links given below –



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