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Here’s How To Plan An Exotic Day With Him

Be it a monthly anniversary or his promotion he bagged at office; there are millions of reasons to to celebrate his feast but a routine plan of making it a big day kills the surprise element in it.

Making him feel the center of your universe is the key to melt his heart and make you the real hero of his success! Want to sweep him off his feet?

Here’s how to shower your love in the most perfect manner and be the cherry on his cake!!

Take The Driving Keys And Head Down For Having An Amazing Breakfast

You might hate to be in-charge of the wheels; but girls here’s a secret for you!

Drive in those early morning hours with zero traffic while you make him enjoy the dawn and the dew!

Take those car wheels in your hand in the wee hours of morning with minimum cars to take care off and head to his favorite place of munching that aromatic breakfast!

A Mid-Day Shopping Spree To Follow

It’s time for the role reversal girls!

Let him choose his colors while you be his ATM card.

And, he will love you for this!

Pamper All His Cravings

It’s not just the ladies who like the wine and dine, you know!

Make sure you let him know this is your treat and spoil him rotten.

It is rare that ladies get to do this for their men. Enjoy taking the control, girls!

Don’t forget to buy him a bouquet of red roses, ladies!

Head Out For An Afternoon Flick

Forget Netflix and Chill and book your tickets to any random movie hitting the theaters nearby!

Because, after I heavy lunch, all he needs is peace!!

Long-Long Drive

Head out for a soothing romantic drive on your way back home.

All worries put to rest while he enjoys the sunset and the eyes spark!

Don’t forget to snack up on the way while you fuel in your deep talks.

Keep your dinner light to accommodate the exciting dessert ahead!!

Bring Him Home To A Bundle Of Surprises

Yes, and his beautiful day doesn’t end here!

Make him welcome to a customized box of his essential goodies.

A basket of goodies is good enough to lift the tired face to smiles!

Adding a bunch of sensual massage vouchers will only add more of happiness to his face. Winks!

En-thrill His Fantasies!

Okay! An amazing dessert to a wonderful day spent! Winks!

Surprise him in the bedroom and make all his dreams come true! A lacy lingerie is enough to spill in the magic and let him act out his wildest sexual fantasy with you.

A win-win situation!

Girlies, get set planning!



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