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Wedding Bells: Grooms in the kitchen

Long gone are the days when men were the sole bread earners of the family. Decades ago, women decided to step out and earn a living, not just for the family, but for themselves. Somehow, the responsibility to put food on the table always remained on their shoulders of these Martha Stewart woman. Superwomen that we are, we gladly accepted the challenge and juggled this duty, with unreal poise. However, the factual constraints of 24 hours in a day left women with hardly any to no time for themselves. We all have either experienced or witnessed it happening around us. Guess what? It’s time to change. And that does not mean we are going to the other extreme and run away from kitchen responsibilities as far as we can. It means, including your significant other and sharing the duties equally. It is time to bring the grooms in the kitchen. After all, that is the real meaning of equality in housekeeping, isn’t it?

What are the perks of involving the handsome man in the kitchen? Be it your son, husband, friend or brother! We asked a group of ladies this same question, and here are the top three answers that they all agreed to.

Train him to be an ideal husband:

If you always wished your husband helped you in the kitchen chores all your life, I think this is a pretty good darn reason to make sure your son helps his wife. As a mother, you have always given him the best of everything. From respecting elders to scoring top grades in exams, you trained him to be classy. Include kitchen training as a part of your ‘syllabus’ and there you have the ideal, the most-sought-after groom.

NRI grooms:

This is no secret that there is no cheap, affordable domestic help available in most of the first world countries. Willingly or unwillingly, we all need to pitch in to make sure the chariot of life keeps running as smooth as possible. If you are dating or seeing a man outside India, one of the ‘tests’ got to be his kitchen skills. A man who can cook for himself makes a good husband and father. Eating out all the time is quite expensive. And if his excuse is ‘no time’, well, that’s a little red flag there girl! We want efficient time managers, not excuse givers.

Spice up your life:

Working in kitchen need not always be just to feed your hungry stomachs. It can also feed your hungry souls. Nothing hotter than a handsome man in the kitchen wearing an apron. Research states that couples that cook together have a far better sex life. This one line will always bring him in the kitchen, no matter how tired he is! Kitchens can be quite romantic and intimate. So don’t just spice up your curry in the kitchen, add spice to your sex life.

So ladies, share this article with the man of your dreams, your son, your friend or your bro. We all like independent men and not momma’s boys. Let us know their reactions in the comment section below. Also, let us know your kitchen + husband stories. We would love to share some motivating tips from all you lovely readers.

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