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Breaking the ‘Men are breadwinners’ theory

In-spite, the world has raised its gender bars; yet the threat of the existent gender inequality persists. Where, women are still being considered as a cooking material while men are the breadwinners, isn’t India too laid-back to equate appreciating a girl’s salary to stamping upon a male ego?

In the drives of adversity, it’s an impounding need of the country to flourish beyond this partial gender equality where parents scare their boys and warn their girls to marry based on a salary scale discrepancy.

Comparing salaries before marriage could be a need of an hour, however to what extent should us treat it be to be a hurdle to a beautiful journey together?

The highlighted difference in salary won’t affect a perfect relationship and if does, you aren’t in a healthy relationship in the first place!

Here are reasons the salary gap shouldn’t make a man less manly and timid!

Pressurizing Men To Carry The Dominance Of Money Is A Mental Damage For Self-Esteem

Our fundamental ideology of masculinity is foolish flaw and baseless menace; and men face the most intense societal pressures. Expectations to be secure, successful, emotional, strong, physically competent and the list never ends!

Where today’s men have agreed to let go the ‘ breadwinner theory’ and the leading power of money and let their better halves play a part to the house contribution, the society screams their disability; questions their ability to be a good husband and threatens to defame him till his self-respect burns out to be the ego within him!

Where having reservations is creating barriers for the eligible to reach their goals; isn’t the society creating the same walls when it is deciding who should owe to the responsibility of running a house?

India, wake up to the new age call!

Where Dowry Is A Crime; Demanding A 7-Digit Salary Is A Crime Too!

Where slogans of dowry are being flashed with flushing anger, is expecting a 7-digit salary figure is part of a progressive society?

Does a salary figure decide an eligibility of him being marriage material?

The more the digits, the more he shall keep you happy! Is that so?

An accredited degree, a 7-digit bank account might be suffice to show the world around but is it the same flowery picture when the girl is being threatened behind the closed doors!!

Whatever be your thoughts behind the money saga but; Isn’t this similar to the ideology of exchanging your daughter for money irrespective of the character of the groom!

Empowering Her Is Empowering The Nation

Stop feeling disheartened if your daughter-in-law is the breadwinner in your family!

Charity begins at home and empowering and supporting her won’t make you less of a good mother!

India, encourage our daughters to be strong enough to select a respectable groom than piping up hot fuel of a male ego shattering his wife’s wings!

It’s the time to teach our sons to pet respect than the distracting and destructive ego!

Our Society Needs A Girl Boss To Prove The Stereotype Wrong!

A lot is said over the growing independence of girls; are we then questioning her ability to carry her legacy of household single-handedly?

Where feminists have floored the room in equal halves; why do marriages still have a concrete block of the MAN’s Salary of highlighted importance?

Break the age-old stereotype!

Because Marriage And Money Go Parallel But Will Never Intersect!

Where the base of mutual respect is sown in the grounds of the marriage, money will never be a Congress Grass to hinder the growth of your relationship!

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Because his ability to take you abroad and gifting you a diamond are of no importance when he turns out to an obsessive partner!

Because a partner who helps you fly is more important than putting you up in a golden cage!

India, it’s time to set our women free from the misogyny!

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