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This Daughter’s Day, Gift Her Your Support!

Daughters are magical!
An apple of your eye, a replica of yours!
And do you know what makes them so special? It’s YOU! You as an amazing mother who nurtures from her tiny steps to her big achievements!!
From her birth to her schooling, from her first painful periods to her mesmerizing marriage, from her first cranky mood swing to her first makeup tutorial, you stood beside her thick as a rock!
But, while hopping all the way around, helping her choose wisely and making her life a tad too easier, did you realize you are pressurizing your own views on her?
While protecting her from that evil world, you made her stop wearing that beautiful short dress she always wanted to flaunt around, while she was happy talking to her harmless male friend, you judged her intention because they are exchanging words at 12 am!
From the length of their kurta to the red lipstick shade she wore, from blackmailing her to get married as early as possible to insisting on she bearing children she never wanted to have, you indirectly forced her all!
But, every time you felt the decisions you took were for her betterment, you were disrespecting her choice!
A choice to have her own decisions, a choice to have her things her own way…
Be it a teenager or a tween, it’s a high time we as mothers stop stooping around her and lay our opinions on her….
Let’s help her sort her life and not complicate it!

Imparting a beautiful message to all the lovely moms out there, this short story ‘The Choice’presented by ‘Blush’ and ‘Indira IVF’ will give you a small sneak peek to a similar conversation between a mom and her daughter.
This Daughter’s Day let’s give our daughters our support!
From now onwards, whenever she looks up for your approval; hold her hand and not clench her fist!

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