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New age therapies for stress management in 2023

Managing stress is simpler now

Stress and stress management have become overused words in the wellness world. Still, the reality is the same even if it’s the new year. We still fall prey to habits that keep on building till we are totally burnt out and stressed out. And we still look for temporary stress-handling measures rather than going to the root cause and addressing it. Is the year 2023 going to be different?

We have used many methods from music to pajamas to chocolate to address our daily stress. With changing times these stress management techniques undergo a lot of change. Each generation demands a more sophisticated method for addressing stress.

A few new-age methods to reduce stress have emerged in the last few months. One can pick and choose one or multiple methods to manage their stress levels. However, it is always a good practice to consult a medical practitioner before adopting a new method.

Before we start, we really need to remind ourselves about this –

Sometimes, Happiness is a feeling. At other times, it is a decision!

So make a decision to be happy today, no matter what, and then continue reading.

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7 New age therapies for stress management in 2023

Here are some new-age methods being used to reduce stress –

Utilize virtual therapy service

Meeting a therapist face to face may not be always convenient or comfortable. Using a virtual therapy service helps us to be in a comfortable environment while benefitting from the therapy sessions. One can also see an easy acceptance and sharing of diagnosis. This makes therapy more accessible.

Online courses on stress management

There are a variety of online courses those tackle different root causes of stress. They are very effective as a therapy for stress management. Like the happiness course on skillshare by our very own Happiness addict. Try it to experience a substantial reduction in stress levels.

Light therapy

Light therapy (also known as phototherapy) is being adopted by many individuals lately to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This is to be undertaken under the guidance of a medical professional by bringing a lightbox at home.

Driven by the concept of ‘Hygge’, we believe that lights form a big part of our moods, hence home lighting should also be compatible with the issues we are trying to address. Understanding our circadian rhythms and our responses to light can also help in treating the root causes of stress.

Mood-boosting supplements for diet

There are certain dopamine supplements like probiotics, curcumin, oregano oil, etc which are being consumed with the appropriate advice from a medical health professional. Vitamin D and Vitamin B are also known as mood enhancers.

We also have a separate blog on foods that helps enhance mood and reduce stress. Read our blog to know more.

Exercise recovery

As 2022 ends and 2023 begins exercise recovery is a trend we did not see coming. Exercise is considered as most important in stress management, and guess what so is exercise recovery. The cool-down, massages and restorative practices have seen momentum in acceptance as we enter into 2023.

I myself have started realizing the importance of expert massages to recover from my exercise schedule.


Journaling has always helped me in understanding my feelings and getting to the root cause of the issue on my own. Journals (digital or otherwise) are being adopted by many as a new-age therapy for stress reduction. You can try different types of journaling – bullet journaling, 30 days challenge journaling, gratitude journaling, etc.

I bought this digital detox journal from The Ink Bucket recently and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Yoga and meditation

Of course, lifestyle changes are the most essential part of stress management. Make wellness through yoga and meditation a big part of life and turn it around really faster.

I have adopted the Ashtanga yoga practice as part of my fitness. Since then, I have observed reduced backache, less period pain, and increased levels of energy. I practice Yoga with the help of tutors on Omstars.

Therapy and mood booster supplements might work to address the problems immediately. However, a long-term shift in lifestyle making room for wellness and fitness is the essential ingredient in handling stress.

Hope you enjoyed reading about these new-age therapies for stress management in 2023. We look forward to your comments talking about your experiences and feedback.

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