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How to revive and engage in your old hobbies?

Think Me-time always believes that getting reconnected with your old hobbies or passion in your me-time will recharge your batteries! So, why should we cherish and engage in old hobbies?

The childhood is full of innocence. We build up many dreams. Some achievable, some not. We create our world, likes, dislikes, hobbies based on this innocent hope of conquering the world. But as we grow up, we lose ourselves in the battle of getting ahead in the career. Many times, it leaves us tired with little room for appreciating a good song or an art. This adds to the depletion of our mind and we slowly start becoming emotionally weak.

The strains of the work pressure or the household pressure start showing and many of us near emotional breakdown. Many of you would agree that the on;y thing that can keep us sane in this scenario is the promise of childhood fun! Rekindling old passions! So, how do we revive and engage in our old hobbies to get some me-time?

“One should have three hobbies – One to keep get you money, one to keep you in shape and one to keep you creative!”

We tend to complain that external factors are always responsible when we are figuring out a reason for not doing something. ‘Arre yaar, mujhe actually ye karna bahut pasand hai, lekin shaadi ke baad sab band ho gaya!’ But the time has come, when you should realise that your me-time is your own responsibility, and it is YOU who should take efforts to achieve it!

This is the time where we need to get in touch with that child in us. We need to reconnect to find out what really makes us happy. Is what we are doing makes us happy or we need to do something more? This identifying a long lost hobby might be the first step you take in identifying yourself and making yourself a happier version of you!

Get me-time to Engage in old habits

Why reconnecting with old hobbies is important?

Hobbies not only charges our creative side of the brain, it also gives us something fun to do in our me-time. Science says that hobbies are extremely important part of our life. Let’s understand why it is beneficial to reconnect with our old hobbies:

  1. Recreational and relaxation hobbies help you to manage stress better. It is the time where you engage in doing something you love. It automatically releases the excess tension on your mind.
  2. Once we start doing something we love, we start getting better at it. These small joys can build up into a big confidence in you.
  3. Hobbies can help you create long lasting bonds with other people sharing the same kind of passion.
  4. There has also been a study which says that having a hobby can ease dealing with set backs.
  5. Hobbies help reduce boredom. Apart from making you interesting, it also gives you something to look forward to.

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How can you engage in old hobbies?

Here is what you can do to engage in old hobbies –

1. Schedule it into your daily organiser –

Schedule sometime daily in your organiser for this childhood habit.  Rather than saying that I will create a work of art whenever I feel inspired, you need to put it there in the calendar and let your brain do the job of reminding you of your new hobby.

Download Think Me time Mobile app from Google play store to do so. 

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2. Find your favorite old childhood hobby

Any kind of hobby is ok. There has to be re-connection with childhood. You can take new hobbies just to bring out that child in you. Bring out the creative side in you.

3. Create something creative out of the old hobby

Create something out of your old passion. If you are reading a book, then create a book list or book reviews. You need to maintain a diary of what you have done and share with us on the facebook group of Femme Fiesta – using hashtag #30daychallenge #longlosthobby #femmefiesta #thinkmetime #yourfullname

Get me-time to Engage in old hobbies
Your step 1 would be to identify such long forgotten habit!

#30DaysChallenge: Engaging in a long lost childhood habit: Member feedback

A long lost hobby found, and revived during me-time!
For offbeat me-time activities, read our blog!
This July, we decided it was high time, we went back to our roots, the way we were before we started working, before we got married – the good old school or college days, when we used to do a host of things in our free time. The time, when we were passionate about everything, and the possibilities were endless. Each one of us had at least one such hobby, that we would be engrossed in, day in and day out in those times, but somehow it got lost as we moved up the ladder and entered the grown up world.
We challenged our cool FF members to revive one such old passion of their childhood/younger days, and again partake in the pure enjoyment that it afforded. And we’re happy to say, we got an amazing response to it!! Girls were so happy following their old hobbies one more time. Some started drawing, one girl started reading Harry Potter books again, some started dance classes, another girl joined a foreign language class.
Since, we have multiple girls, all completing the challenge, we did a lucky draw to select the winner, and are happy to announce the name: Kalpita Atre!! Kalpita loves to paint, and draws extremely cute cartoon caricatures. We’ve attached her drawings here.
Hearty Congratulations, Kalpita!! We sincerely hope that you will continue with this cool hobby of yours in the future as well, and derive unending enjoyment from the same!
Do write to us on [email protected] to give your feedback and we will be happy to publish you here!!!

A list of 10 hobbies you can reconnect just in case you are running out of ideas –

10 hobbies to reconnect and revive

1] Gardening –

Getting hands dirty while tending a kitchen garden can be the best kind of hobby you can have as a grown up.  Few of the YouTube channels like this one can be your teacher in this process.

 2] Painting –

Working with colors sure takes you back to old passion of your childhood. May it be crayons or water colours or acrylic paints. Bring out those canvases and paint your heart out. You can easily find an online class while you do so.

3] Cooking –

Good cooking skills really come in handy. And if you have watched the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ you will agree that cooking can be a great hobby!

4] Writing

If you are good with words then writing can be great for your heart. Pour those words on a piece of paper in the form of a story, poem, blog or even a book. You will get online courses to help you reconnect with your old passion of writing.

5] Take up a sport

You can start practicing a sport you used to play as a child. Learn the latest rules in the same and start playing. Join a club or get someone in your family to play with you. The competitive spirit will call all those negative vibes around you.

6] Swimming or surfing

Playing with water might just be something you need to relieve that extra stress in your life. It can be swimming or surfing if you stay near the sea. Familiarize yourself with the water and get going!

reconnect with your old hobbies

7] Hiking

It can be a best kind of hobby you can pick up as fresh air can do wonders to your mood. Hiking can also be a good physical activity as you go on building up your strength for it.

8] Learn a new instrument

Here’s an interesting Ted talk by Josh Kaufman about how he learnt a new instrument in 20 hours. And actually learning a new instrument can be a much needed break you might need from your daily monotony.

Download Think Me time Mobile app from Google play store to schedule your next hobby hour!

9] Dancing

You can take up a new form dancing style or get in touch with that dance style which was your old passion when you were small. A blend of dance and exercise can make your day interesting.

10] Reading

Reading different genres of books can get you really hooked. A perfect hobby for one who loves to get lost in the pages of a book.

Siphon off some time you use to browse facebook or netflix and use it to reconnect with your old hobbies! You will immensely enjoy revisiting your old passion in your me-time! Think me-time!

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