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7 reasons why I decided to go on a Solo trip

My First Solo Trip to Uttarakhand was a unique experience for me and I decided to write down the reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip. So here’s the travel blog that will send you some great vibes you need to plan a solo trip of your own too!

Travel has always been close to my heart, but traveling with my husband is even more fun. So when I first started thinking about a solo trip I felt guilty. Guilty about going anywhere without him, having any experiences without including him in it!! However, finally, it was my husband who pushed me to do it! Probably I might have many more solo trips in the future but the first one will remain special for precisely this reason.

I know taking any new step means there is a block in mind – a fear that keeps you from taking the step! But let me tell you this step to go on a solo trip was the best thing that happened to me.

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What is a solo trip?

Solo means alone, being on your own. A solo trip is a travel you take on your own, where the majority of the time you will be traveling alone. It is not equivalent to backpacking though it is many times confused with budget travel. My first solo trip was definitely not a backpacking trip. I splurged on my travel as well as stay.

Apart from the fact that I wanted to try something I had never done before, I had these 7 reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip.

7 reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip

7 Reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip

I needed a break from the routine

Somehow the past few months were really hectic in terms of office work and other responsibilities. I needed a break from routine. That meant going out of my comfort zone and doing something completely out of my character. This solo trip to Uttarakhand gave me a perfect outlet for doing something crazy.

I needed a break from being answerable to anyone

Being answerable may put an added pressure on fun time for a few.

I needed this time to do anything as I please. To be able to go wherever I want, whenever I want, or stay in the hotel if I wanted to.  It was the freedom I craved for! Hence I decided to go on a solo trip to Uttarakhand.

I needed to understand myself better

Although I am always comfortable spending time with myself, I just needed some alone time to understand myself better. I needed to make a couple of important decisions and this time gave me a perfect bubble to think about it.  Being in the moment reduced the pressure of decision making and helped me reach some important conclusions.

I wanted to face my fears of traveling alone

I have traveled for work but I have never traveled alone for leisure. And there was a part in me which was not sure about this entire solo trip thing. I was afraid that I will not enjoy it. It was one of the important reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip. To understand whether I would be bored with myself!

But surprisingly that did not happen. I thoroughly enjoyed this time on my solo trip to Uttarakhand.

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I wanted to get over embarrassing moments during a solo trip

I never had dinner in the hotel by myself when in the city. However, I enjoyed eating (and drinking as well!!) by myself during this solo trip to Uttarakhand.

I learned the art of clicking a selfie and I was not at all embarrassed to ask the driver to click my photos at times!!

I was curious to know whether these things would be embarrassing but again was surprised to know that they are not!!

7 Reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip

To make new friends on a solo trip

Being an introverted person, I was curious about knowing whether I would be able to start a conversation with anyone. I carried many books to ensure that I am busy in case I don’t get anyone to talk to.

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But be it my driver or a nice friend I made en route Char Dukan or the cute kids at Lakhamandal. There were so many instances where I found myself making new friends and talking to strangers and enjoying myself.

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A new step in independence

From booking my flight and stay to finding a local driver to take me around, I did everything on my own. And the trip was successful. My confidence enhanced multi-folds. And so did the smiles on my face!!

I had these 7 reasons why I decided to go on a solo trip those may or may not resonate with you. I had anxieties even when I started the trip. But it all turned out so good, I can’t wait to have another.

If you are thinking about a solo trip, don’t think, just do it!!

Happy solo traveling!!

Stay tuned for my detailed blog on Solo Trip to Uttarakhand!

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