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12 Treehouses Resorts you do not want to miss

Please raise your hand if a treehouse has been a part of your childhood fantasy!! I know right? We all had that same fantasy. A world away from all the chatter, up in the tree with secret cupboards, cozy blankets, best friends, and good food! What can I say!! The heart desires what it cannot have. Going back to nature! But here’s a chance to make your childhood wish true with these unique treehouse resorts. Thus we present 12 treehouse resorts you do not want to miss if you want to experience forest living.

Treehouse resorts take you in the harmony of nature, where you forget all your worries in the arms of Mother Nature. A beautiful evening over a treehouse, a glass of wine, and beautiful company! And the fresh mornings breathing in the scent of flowers with the beautiful chatter of birds amidst lush greenery! Definitely, a pristine holiday everyone would want, right?

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There are many treehouse resorts around the world that are built in the lap of nature, in the dense forests and free-flowing waters. You get to admire the ethereal beauty of nature from up close when you stay in these resorts. Of course, you need to plan your itinerary properly so that you won’t get bored and pack efficiently for your trip.

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So here’s a glimpse of 12 beautiful treehouse resorts you do not want to miss –

12 treehouse resorts you do not want to miss while traveling in India or abroad

Treehouse Resorts in India

1] The Vythiri Resort, Wayanad:

Best treehouse resort - Vythiri resort

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Wayanad a district in North Kerala is a quiet getaway if you are yearning for some quality time and is a favorite amongst the honeymooners. Just imagine staying amidst a rainforest atop a treehouse with the river Kaveri flowing around!

This resort is a perfect example of rustic design fused with modern amenities. As you trek from the reception to your treehouse, you would be greeted with squirrels, tiny creatures, monkeys, and even a waterfall. The only sound that you hear in your room is that of the humming of birds! You can rest in a hammock as the river water flows beneath you or trail through the misty mountains and enjoy the exotic flora and fauna. The hotel is also known for its hospitality and the authentic ayurvedic spa treatments that they provide. Also, the food is delicious as the cooks serve you with authentic Kerala delicacies.

The resort looks especially beautiful in rains and people go here just to sit and relax and watch the pouring rains. Sounds like a vacation we must take every year, right?

2] The Himalayan Village, Himachal Pradesh:

Best treehouse resort - The Himalayan village

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This is my personal favorite. As we discovered this beautiful place when we were on a trip from Manali to Kulu.

The place is located in the beautiful Parvati valley with the Parvati River flowing down from the mountains in the hilly terrain. The deodar trees and the chirping birds make it a pleasant stay for you! The treehouses are wooden structures that are about 50 feet above the ground. It is constructed in very old architecture called Kathkunia style (without cement with mud-plastered interiors). The cottages are cozy and very rustic and are spacious.

People who have been here never forget mentioning the lip-smacking authentic North Indian food at Sanjha Chulha the restaurant of the Himalayan village.

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3] The TreeHouse, Jaipur:

This place is pure heaven for nature lovers especially bird watchers. In spite of being in jungle, the resort has all the modern amenities including a spa.

This treehouse resort is situated in Syari valley of the Aravallis. The resort is built using elements of nature – water, earth, and air.  The soothing sounds of water flowing resonate around the property and leave you calm and relaxed.

The city of Jaipur is close if you would like to visit. There are a spa, yoga, and meditation facilities in the resort if you would like to indulge. The resort has a lot of activities like jungle safari, cycling, and camel riding. It is equipped with an infinity pool and also has a kids’ pool.

The food here is incredible and do try Junglee Mass which is a specialty here. The Vegetables are sourced from their own form making the food delicious. The service is class apart! The Peacock Bar in the treehouse resort is a 400-year-old relic restored to its former glory now used as a bar.

4] TreeHouse Hideaway, Bandhavgarh:

This treehouse resort is situated in the jungle near Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Hence, the place is a crowd-puller for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

The resort has five tree houses. With the magnetic view of the fort, jungle, and river, you are set in for a delight. You can also spot a few birds or small mammals from the balcony of your room. Although it is not possible to spot exotic animals from your room, your stay will etch as an exotic memory forever in your mind.

5] Rainforest Resort, Kerala:

12 Treehouses Resorts you do not want to miss

Just imagine sleeping to the sound of the roaring waterfalls. Waking to the sight of the magnanimous falls and taking a bath in your Jacuzzi while you get a beautiful sight of the waterfalls! Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?

Rainforest Resort at Kerala offers you exactly this. That is why it made it to our list of 12 Treehouses Resorts you do not want to miss.

Situated in the rainforests of Kerala with the Athirapally falls to the company, this is exactly what you need for some “we” time. Each treehouse in this resort has a view of the Athirapally falls. Top it with the hospitality of the staff and the authentic Kerala food prepared by the chef and you are really in for a treat!

6] The Machan, Lonavala:

We have The Machan in Lonavala. The best season to visit this place would be the rainy season when the surroundings are lush green, and you are exposed to the full beauty our Nature Gods have to offer! The Tree Houses built-in The Machan are very beautiful, and you have the perfect amount of serenity and privacy around to enjoy it completely with your better half, or yourself!


7] Eagle Eye resort, Chikmagalur

This resort in Chikmagalur has a 360 degrees view of the mountains and scenic nature around it, so we had to include it in our list of 12 Treehouses Resorts you do not want to miss. It has an interesting choice of accommodation like a treehouse,  glasshouse, and pool house. It offers a variety of adventure activities like hiking, fishing, boating, rock climbing, etc.

There are a variety of sightseeing opportunities close by like Mullayanagiri Hill, Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary and Hebbe falls.

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Treehouse resorts outside India

8] Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica, Central America:

Imagine waking up in a rainforest in Costa Rica, surrounded by dense forests, animals, birds chirping, and a waterfall to bathe in! Surreal, isn’t it? This dream can be a reality at Finca Bellavista, in Costa Rica. As you can see, the treehouses are built on huge trees and are a perfect example of the co-existence of nature and mankind. You have to experience this place at least once in a lifetime to rediscover a new you!

As nature enthusiasts, you can meet all kinds of insects and birds, dip in the cool waters of the waterfalls or just go on a forest trail! For those who seek adventure, just try the Zip-line here or dive into the deep waters! For the ones who love to indulge in exotic holidays, get the spa at the spa center in the resort or simply gaze at the forest from the balcony. It is surely a perfect place for families and couples.

9] Silky Oaks Lodge in Daintree, Queensland, Australia:

Another experience in the rainforest is at the beautiful treehouse in Queensland. Just laze around in your hammock. Have lunch and dinner by the bustling waters of the river. For all those tired bodies, indulge in the spa treatments at the spa facility, get massages for the face and body, and feel rejuvenated. Each room also has a private spa tub, a balcony that is open to the forest, and a bathroom with a glass that makes you feel as if you are bathing in the trees.

You can tailor design your itinerary to indulge in experiences of the rainforest like snorkeling, canoeing, etc.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream vacation!

10] Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses in Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand:

This place situated on a deer breeding farm boasts of some excellent views and rightly so! Just imagine one side of the treehouse has a view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean from the Kaikoura coast and famed Mangamaunu Bay. The other end has a fireplace with a view of the snow clad mountains of Kaikoura Seaward Mountain Range. Wow! Isn’t it? Also, you can stargaze at night by relaxing on the balcony with a bottle of exotic wine that the hotel provides.

And just do not miss the food here. As it is fresh from the farm and very exotic. The people who have dined here say it’s the best food they have ever eaten!

There are multiple activities like surfing, mountain biking, cycling and swimming which you can indulge in.

11] UFO treehouse, Sweden:

How many of you had the childhood dream of seeing a UFO. There always used to be stories around the school that someone has seen the UFO landing in the jungle nearby, isn’t it?

Make your childhood dream come true and boast of staying in a UFO at this UFO treehouse in Sweden. As you walk near the Swedish forest, you would see this huge metal-like structure hovering over the land with a spotlight shining beneath the staircase to give a look of a hovering spacecraft. Come inside the room and you get the feel of living in a spaceship with the interiors containing the constellations, planets, etc. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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12] Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver, Canada:

What do you think about a resort hanging on the trees with a rope? That’s what Free Spirit Spheres is all about and just had to be included in our list of 12 Treehouses Resorts you do not want to miss.

They offer you 5-star luxury in a cozy place of the treehouse. As it is in the shape of a sphere, there are no edges. The interior of the treehouse is beautifully made! You get beds, a small dining area, and speakers in your room. You have your own private bathroom with a jacuzzi and a compost toilet beneath the treehouse. The hosts are warm and add to your stay experience here!

Check this amazing video by Animal Planet –


In our opinion, if you are a travel freak, you should experience staying in a treehouse at least once in a lifetime! The more the better!

Hope you enjoyed our list of 12 treehouse resorts you do not want to miss! So, make sure you include these in your itinerary the next time you travel in the area!

So where are you traveling next?

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