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A treat of unique travel resorts…

Travel resort is the highlight of any travel, apart from the local sightseeing of course. In a travel resort, we as visitors generally expect a clean room, a swimming pool and a restaurant serving super awesome food. There might also be some outdoor and indoor activities and a spa facility for relaxation. However these are considered as travel necessities. As we explored, we found out about few unique travel resorts to make your vacation more magical than ever.

Let’s explore these unique resorts in today’s blog:

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

A shout out to all the dog lovers!! Dog Bark Park is known for its unique structure and top class hospitality. It is is a B&B owned by three amazing people: Dennis, Frances and Sprocket.

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This hotel (so to speak!) has only one room. So, you need to plan and book early! The entire B&B is obviously shaped like a dog. And guess what! You stay in the dog’s belly!! If you have kids, they get to play and sleep in the beagle’s head. Fun, isn’t it?

The owners are devoted to dogs. You will find items carved with, drawn of or made for dogs in the hotel room decor. Behind your bed, there are carvings of around 30-odd dogs. The cushion covers have dogs’ pictures on them. A true paradise for canine lovers!

The grounds of the hotel are as unique as the hotel. You would get a wide variety of games to play. Since it is a B&B, get ready for homemade treats by the hosts. Your refrigerator would be filled with food that would be enough for a day’s stay. The owner Dennis also sells his carvings in a store on the property.

Watch this video to get a peep into this wonderful structure:

Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Welcome to the forest reserve of Huilo Huilo!


As magical is this biological reserve in Chile, more so is this unique travel resort called Montana Magical lodge. The lodge is straight out of a fairy tale. It is in the shape of a volcano with water pouring over it! The rooms are made up of wood and natural timber. Due to the shape of the hotel, the rooms are of comfortable shape and not very huge. The furniture too is unique. As, the hotel is situated in the Huilo Huilo biological reserve, there is plenty to see around. You can visit the nearby waterfalls and spend time here enjoying nature and relaxing. The restaurant of the hotel serves delicious food making it a perfect vacation for you.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the hotel:

Udang House, Bali, Indonesia:

This travel resort is fully made out of bamboo with everything natural for you. The food you eat is their own produce, the soap you use is made in-house with all organic products. You have multiple stay options like the huts or moon room by the pool. The rooms are located above a fresh water shrimp pond and have a glass bottom which makes you feel as if you are sleeping in an aquarium. The roof above reflects the sunlight as well as the moonlight. Shrimp baskets have been converted into lamps to add to the experience of staying in a fishing village. Go fishing or just laze around on the hammocks! You are all set for a perfect relaxing vacation.

Bubble Lodge Bois Cheri, Mauritius:

How many of you have dreamt of sleeping under the stars? And a night in the tea plantations with a panoramic view of the Mauritius’ South coast? Wonderful idea, isn’t it? Bubble lodge offers you exactly this along with world class comfort! The lodge contains one totally transparent bubble for the living room. This will have furniture and sleeping arrangements for the kids. Another bubble would be a semi-transparent parental suite with a queen size bed, bean bags and a coffee table. The bathroom is completely opaque which gives you a feeling of bathing in nature.

Cherry on the cake is their hospitality. You would get one Butler per bubble which means you can get customized food prepared as per your likes from your Butler. In the evening they put on the hanging lights from the tree making it look surreal! There are many activities here. Tea plantation cycle riding, fishing, hiking are just a few to name. Tea tasting is one unique activity here where you get to taste varieties of tea like flavoured teas, green tea, black tea, etc. Golf course here is a state-of-art golf course and is famous in Mauritius.

Aren’t these travel resorts one of a kind and just perfect for the vacation? Go ahead and plan one right away!

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Happy travels!

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