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This Women’s Day Let’s celebrate Self-Acceptance

We as women are easily swayed by external opinions and hence is difficult to understand how to celebrate self-acceptance.

Feminism depicts boldness. Several blogs read women as enraged subject of empowerment. The real as well as reel society indulges in making judgments and passing comments on her dressing to her thoughts and her job.

Everyday, the society keeps churning the women empowerment blogs to their native thoughts. And sets up new trendy frames with four corners for us to fit in.

It is very difficult to stay focused on what you want and how you want. This women’s day let’s focus within and celebrate self-acceptance!

This Women’s Day Let’s celebrate self-acceptance!

However, is spite of all of the judgments and comments, here are few things every woman should indulge in. If you are already doing it, then get the self acceptance without any guilt trips. This women’s day, let’s vow to accept ourselves for what we are. Let’s celebrate self-acceptance and love ourselves for that!

1. To Be Away From The Office Chaos To Enjoy Being A Homemaker

Because to stay at home is your choice! Don’t feel threatened by the storming working women marching on your thoughts; making you feel less accomplished!

You are at home because you had a choice to choose from and you choose what suits you the best! Let’s celebrate self-acceptance by enjoying your freedom!

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2. To Have Kids When You Are Ready To Have Them

In the world which shouts, age makes a difference, be calm! Because bearing kids is easy, but bearing a distance with yourself isn’t!

Just like a marriage; have kids when you have loved yourself enough and ready to share your love with someone!

3. To take a Break from Routine

Yours is a human body, and a human body needs breaks! Break from kids, husband, parents, in-laws and just the world altogether!

Booking yourself a massage leaving behind that school project to be delivered to escaping to a nice staycation leaving your husband behind is okay! This women’s day, celebrate self-acceptance by taking a break from your routine.

4. To Head Towards Your Mother’s Home Leaving Kids Behind With Hubby

Ask your husband to take a leave or work from home as you turn your day dream true!

Try getting yourself the selfless time you had for yourself sitting and watching T.V all day long with mothers showering you with all your favorite food in kitty!

It’s okay to be a grown-up kid leaving your kids aside while you make your husband realize his duty as a parent! Winks!

5. To Splurge On Self-Love

Let’s celebrate self-acceptance and do some shopping for ourselves! Be it a nice diamond ring to that movie spree you would like to register for! Be humble to yourself, too!

Take monthly facial trips and buy yourself a nice dress! Gulping pani-puri without kids and jumping in a coffee shop just because you feel so is fine.

Love is blind and loving yourself first should be the first on your list, girls!


This Women’s day relish this self acceptance!

Because feminism is all about self-loving first!

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