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Our favorite 5 Bollywood Jodis

Hindi cinema is a treasure house. Some stories are so riveting that even after you come out of the hall, you remember the lead pair or the Bollywood Jodi.

In fact, some of these lead pairs are themselves so famous that you could say they helped the movie become a superhit! Who knows!

What is a movie without the cute interactions of the pair of them? A song too, maybe? These couples make everything seem wonderful, be it dancing in a chiffon saree in the snow or playing basketball together. In fact, many times they make us wish they were together in real life too. (I myself am guilty of comparing my husband to a certain heartthrob.. ahem, why isn’t he more like him? Sigh!)

Anyway, let’s take a look at these jodis of Bollywood that set our hearts racing every time!

Our favorite 5 Bollywood Jodis Redefined Love On-Screen

Top Bollywood Jodis #1 Shahrukh Khan – Kajol

Obviously the first Bollywood jodi to get featured here is this iconic pair who have made many of us yearn of finding true love while running through mustard fields. Raj and Simran are already immortal and have been placed on a level equal to Romeo and Juliet. DDLJ was (and is) Bollywood’s longest running movies. Then this couple appeared in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Rahul – Anjali) and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Rahul – Anjali again). Then after a gap of 5 years, they appeared together in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale. Many were simply excited to see their sizzling chemistry on screen and they were not dissapointed.

Even off-screen, SRK and Kajol share a healthy friendship and often are seen praising each other. Even Ajay Devgn and Kajol don’t share such chemistry on-screen (sorry, not sorry!)

Anil Kapoor – Sridevi

Though in real life, Sridevi is Anil Kapoor’s bhabhi, their on-screen chemistry was one of the best. Mr. India and Lamhe are iconic films. Who doesn’t love watching the bumbling reporter played by Sri falling for the person she dislikes most – just hecause he’s a hero when he’s invisible? And a very young Sridevi accepting her love for a much older Anil Kapoor in Lamhe was a story much ahead of its time. Anil Kapoor never seems to age and neither did Sridevi. We wish she’d have been alive just to see this couple light up the screen again.

Ranveer Singh – Deepika Padukone

Their chemistry in Ram Leela was something that blew everyone’s minds. Thank God, they married each other. Otherwise so much hotness was too much to handle for us! Though sometimes I do wish Ranveer Singh was still single. Sigh!

Amitabh Bachchan – Dharmendra

Now comes the couple that has immortalized friendship on the silver screen. Jai and Veeru of Sholay are legendary, no doubt. A fun fact is, though AB and Dharmendra shared a great camaraderie both on the screen and off it, they acted together in only three films – Sholay, Ram Balram and Chupke Chupke. Each of these movies is different from the other as chalk from cheese, but what stands out is their chemistry.

Aamir Khan – Salman Khan

They came together only once but when they did, they created a storm. Andaz Apna Apna’s Amar-Prem had a chemistry that even the leading ladies could not overcome. While the movie was not a hit when it was released, over the years it has become a cult classic. The pairing of AK and SK is spot-on. We cannot imagine anyone else in that place (I hope the remakers are reading this!) As this was before Aamir became notorious for his perfectionism and Salman Khan became a Bhai of the masses, it is a cute reminder of the good times that were.

Have I missed any leading Bollywood jodis? If yes, do tell us who you think should be featured here. Are your favorites among the list? Tell us what you think!

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