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What Traveling Can Teach Your Kid

Traveling means many things to many people. To some, it is a respite from their daily chores, for some it is a gateway to new places, yet for some, it is an adventure – may it be alone or may it be travel with kids!

Many people who love traveling discontinue or limit their travels after they have children. But we say, traveling is a great avenue for learning for kids! The new experiences helps children learn and analyze, think and grow. And all this without them realizing the truth! You no longer have to get behind them, to coax them, to finish their learning. They do it automatically while traveling and enjoy it too! Not just knowledge from books, but actual life skills they can use in day-to-day life. Because, what is bookish knowledge without practical, real-life knowledge?

Here are some awesome things your kids will learn while traveling:


Children are born with impatience. They want everything done immediately. Traveling, however, puts them (and us) in conditions where there may be indefinite and unannounced delays or even cancellations. You need to get bus and train tickets from manual counters with large queues. You may not get food on time. Travel with kids will inculcate a sense of patience in children, slowly but surely.


Children who travel frequently are known to be more independent and responsible. You can start small by asking them to look after your bag while you are away for some time, or secure your luggage properly. As they grow, you can ask them to take responsibility of their belongings and pack what they need for a trip.


Children learn to socialize and make friends with various people throughout the traveling period. This helps them overcome their shyness and make new friends at school or the playground. They also learn that true companionship is not about gifts or materialistic pleasures, but experiences and lots of laughter.

Make memories

As you travel more and more with your kids, you share life experiences with them. Instead of clicking photos, try to engage with them and make memories. Later in life, you can share your experiences with each other and strengthen your bond.

Packing light

Children learn early on how to pack lightly for a trip instead of carrying the whole house around with them wherever they go. After a certain age, let them pack their own bags and carry them too. They will soon learn what they need and what they don’t, so unnecessary lugging all the weight is avoided automatically.


The world is a very diverse place with all types of colours, languages and religions of people. Your children will learn by looking at them – how they live, how their homes look, what work do they do, what clothes they wear, which festivals do they celebrate and so on. Technology has brought everything to our fingertips, but there’s no substitute for the knowledge your kids will get when they interact directly with people of other nationalities and religions. They also learn to embrace diversity more easily and grow up without biases.

Isn’t it wonderful? You didn’t know traveling could be so beneficial, did you? Well, we told you. Now what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start planning!

Share your travel experiences with your children with us!

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